I know Roger Stone. At least a little bit. I’ve met him and talked with him at length. He is a kind hearted and decent man. And the left HATED HIM. And he was ensnared by the Hateful Fake Muller witch hunt team and found guilty of crimes that he never commited, and that there was NO EVIDENCE FOR. What a sorry state America is in when run by Lefties. Zero respect for the law just another lynching without evidence.

Well Trump put a stop to it with his executive order commuting the sentence. But the Judge who has been acting like a RABIDD DOG could still not accept it.

“Show me the ORDER SHOW ME THE ORDER” the judge screamed. Even after a rigged Jury was brought to light they still refused to offer a re-trial.

“IF I DON’T SEE THE ORDER…. SHOW ME THE ORDDER” screamed the judge over and over as if he couldn’t believe it. Still wanting to throw Stone in Jail after massive evidence of his innocence. They claimed to KNOW what was said on a phone call that they have no transcript of. It’s all a sickening LIE.

HE colluded with Wikileaks! screamed the crazy person. Yah the Left is nuts.

Congratulations Mr. Stone, you are a patriot and a great man, a great writer, and a reminder to all those nutters filled with hate. Sometimes the good guys win.