She knew him well. She trusted him. She asked him to walk her home. He raped and killed her.

Why doesn’t anyone sit down these new gullible white women and have “the talk” with them. Obviously the mothers won’t do it and they don’t have fathers anymore. So her friends really are responsible for her death. It’s so sad. But it’s happening every day.

Here is a simple talk to use, or better yet print it out on small cards and give it out to white girls in high school when they start thinking about dating.

“Dear [insert friends name]. You might not realize this but many women who dated blacks, married blacks, or trusted blacks, even just to walk them home, people they knew well for a long time, end up raped and killed by them. I’m not saying never to have black friends or to hate black people. But know the risks if you are going to ever be alone with one. Most likely you would be fine, but time and time again there are news articles of pretty girls, just like you, who end up killed and raped by black people they knew well and thought they could trust.

Blacks have an irrational hatred of whites and worse, an uncontrollable urge to rape pretty young white girls. Or even grandmothers. the stories come out day after day. If you don’t recognize it you are being gullible and brainwashed. You have to recognize that danger. Otherwise, you will end up like Keeley Bunker. And I value your life so I want you to know this. “


Her uncle screamed ‘No!’ when he found her body at a park in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England.

The 20-year-old barmaid trusted her friend to walk her home at night, apparently to keep her safe.

Instead, authorities believe he raped and killed her by strangulation, then dumper her body in a pond. The couple was returning from a rapper performance when the crime occurred, reports say.

The victim is identified as Keeley Bunker. The suspect is 20-year-old Wesley Streete.

‘Trusted’ friend, 20, ‘raped and strangled barmaid, 20, before dumping her face down in a pond with her pants down’ –

RIP Keeley Bunker