Your birthright, having a loving family, teaching your precious children, sharing a hug with your loving wife. NOPE. Feminism said no. So all your genetic programming goes out the winds. Just enjoy cheap sex with a girl whos been pumped so many times her crotch looks like greek yogurt.

This sad reality is something that we are really the first to have to face. It’s horrific but its fact. Of course the SimpsNCucks who did get married find their lives ultimately destroyed by divorce and palimony rape. These poor simps are utterly f-ked. But many won’t see it for ten years. Which only makes it worse.

Being a spinster used to be FEARED. OLD MAIDS they used to be called and it was being a total FAILURE. Not anymore, society has changed. Now its “YOU GO GIRL” and finger wagglin and ride another chad or tyrone… get a cat or a fancy dog. You don’t need no man. Except. Maybe the government payola or a depressing cubicle doesn’t come close to the joy of a loving household filled with children.

The women don’t seem to realize it as they get all the cash and prizes. Free money for life, a free house. But sometime later they wake up a 55 year old cat lady and cry themselves to sleep.

Without women and families to fight for, men slowly stop striving. Sit at home and eat cheetos. Hell join Antifa just for the excitement of kicking back canisters of tear gass. Life seems pointless.

We are a nation close to it’s death. Maybe 20 yrs left. Enjoy the fruits of feminism and hope that we are a lesson for the next nation if a non-muslim one is possible.