Today’s pondering is the odd relationship with China and America’s welfare class. You see, China actually makes it all possible. Single moms reject men and decide to birth babies on Welfare. This causes the government to go broke (welfare and warfare, we can afford neither) and basically overspend 33% each year. Then they print the money to take up the slack. Normally free markets would drive inflation through the roof. But not so much anymore. Why?

Well this is where China comes in. China sets its curency price to be lower than what it should be. IT’s artificial. So everything from China is cheap. Stores sell chinese goods mostly at huge markups. A pair of jeans that cost 30 cents to make in china? They are 80 bucks in the usa. What about that fancy handbag? Two dollars to make in China, fifty bucks in the USA. Well for a while stores were making a huge profit until competition finally forced them to sell the bag for 10 bucks. Cause it’s a piece of junk.

All of this kept inflation down. This is the reason for Trumps odd tariff policy which does NOT place tariffs on everyday goods. So we take in a measly 62 billion a year, and china has a trade deficit approaching one billion.

So this helps the USA print money for the welfare and disability parasites. Actually taxpayers pay the disability rats mostly out of the disability tax. But there were so many fakers on disability that even that wasn’t enough.

Without China, the price of everything would skyrocket WORSE that it already has (see for real numbers)

By faking our inflation numbers, they get to declare a positive GDp growth which makes everyone happy. And millions of women get to be slags on welfare and make lotsa low iq chillin’ while the smart people get worked and taxed to death, immigrants flood in even with fake degrees in computer science, and the american middle class gets f-ked.

Fill up me molotov cocktail, cause DRUNK is the only way to get through the next ten years.