Yehp. Ah Yehp. The beach, good times. Fun and Sun. Not anymore. Somehow 120 degree heat with a mask just isn’t the same.

Meanwhile that Raccoon looking prosecutor in St. Louis is proscetuing that white couple for felony threat with a firearm. Of course the ones they were threatening had broken into their house (their private property) and were screaming “BURN DOWN WHITEY”. Yehp. Ah Yehp.

I was walking home last night and a couple walked past. Both were about 5’5″ tall. Weird. What was more weird was that the man musta weighted about 300 pounds and the woman over 400 pounds. They were both giggling and happy. Then a woman walked past and she musta weighted over 500 pounds at 5′ tall. She made Moby Dick look like an anorexic. I thought to myself… am I no longer fat? Does my 50 pounds of chub no longer qualify? Maybe not! The new fat is mighty impressive. Compared to them I’m quite slim.

So I began to wonder, what the HELL do these people do all day eat fritos and cheetos and ice cream? How the hell do you get that fat without an intervention somewhere around the 400 pound mark?

Well they will make good eating when China invades. Think how much we pay for a ribeye with good marbling? These folk are all the way to Wagyu.

The girls on Texas State showed their school colors. Who am I to judge school pride? They sure look better than those blue haired Antifa chics!

Texas State University is 3rd kinkiest college in U.S., dating app ...

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Dark pattern emerges in recent spate of disturbing attacks on ...
The struggle is real, the struggle not to eat doughnuts!

The other news biscuit that caught my eyes is apparently all the people living in their parents basement who started getting dragged off in Portland by Trumps secret police started to scare their parents. So in portland dozens of moms and dads of Antifa began to protest and for a protective barrier around their antifa chillin. Hmm. Time to nuke em all I say. Bad genese are best disposed of right?

The covid deaths are up, except they caught them red handed faking the numbers. Apparently some 20 something motorcycle rider became part of the asphalt and they called it a covid death because after he died they tested him and the swab came back positive for covid. Unfortunately ALL the swabs come back from covid POSITIVE. Hell we sent in a whole bag of sterile swabs to be testing with fake names like Puking Polly and Sinister Sam. Bad news Sam and Polly, you got the covid.

So then we sent in empty bags without any swabs at all. They also came back as positive for Covid.

Maybe the BAGS are infected with covid before they send them to us? Hmm thats a strategy to keep the pandemic going! I’m not sure but I’m staying far away from them thar covid tests!

Someone asked why the books are so expensive. Well I’ll tell you why. I used to put the books out on Amazon and they were crap. The print was hard to read, the paper was cheap. Now they are done beautifully with hardcover and high end cream paper and printed on much more high end printers. In short they will make your experience reading them so much nicer. And they aint those large font just a few words per page books either. No, real full pages just right for reading. All the books tend to have a lot of short chapters of just a few pages so you can cover the topic in a dull moment at work, before bed, or on the can. So each book really gives you 20-30 wonderful little thought experiences that will keep you energized and happy. For the price, that’s a bargain.

The New York Times threatened to publish Tucker Carlson’s new home address. He had to move after Antifa showed up on his doorstep with guns. So Tucker got on TV and warned them that if they dared HE would publish THEIR addresses. Well there’s no right wing patriot Antifa but there should be for shit like this. I’m sure someone would be up to the task of pushing their shit in now that the Left has declared defending your house with a gun illegal. Good for you Tucker.

Also subscribestar has held us at “subscription pending” status for over 2 months now, so when I went back to patreon to check things out, looks like that was disabled as well. CRIEKE! So got patreon working again thank goodness. Apparently we are a fright too much for subscribe star. Their loss. At the top menu theres the link button to become a patreon for as little as $2 a month, come on guys lets push those numbers up!

I seem to have slipped the “white lives matter” fanny pack past TeeSpring so, while not in our store, look for the article to get the link. The trick? Just put loving words in the description and put the logo in the graphic, then it doesn’t get flagged for review. Let’s see how long it lasts.