Notice the 2 blacks with the “I am the future” sign

Let’s Dissect this SHALL WE?

#1) Black-ish mom with mixed race children

#2) Fat Black Single Chic

#3) Faggy Black Dude with Baby (not sure on this one…)

#4) Black woman with Downy Baby

#5) I call her Robo-Leg

#6 Fat Chic with Big Purse

#7) 2 Chics with White and Asian Baby

#8) Giraffe Necked Soy Boy

#9) Miscegenation Dude with Mixed Race Horror Children

#10) Grimmus From Mackdonalds, but as a black woman

Holy CRAP That’s a FK Load of Social Justice Warrior-ing. Thanks Old Navy, Remind me to NEVER SHOP AT YOUR TWAT STORE EVER AGAIN