More bad news. The economics are looking horrible. There is going to be a massive wave of evictions and foreclosures as the fake covid exhausts people. There won’t be more stimulus with god prices rising, the Fed bailed out the banks and the corporations. Odds of an unemployment booster is low if any. And even if that does happen it wont be nearly enough.

The rise in gold prices means stimulus has to be the brakes. The stock market is the lie that they have propped up. it’s mostly share buybacks. bailouts. direct buying of bonds by the fed. It’s 2008 all over again.

The dollar index has retrenched back to dec 2018 levels. If they do more stimulus and bond buying by the fed it’s going lower still. On the plus side, better time for usa to be creating and exporting stuff, it’s now getting cheaper!

But what this means is, it’s really shoddy looking if they try to print more trillions. Time to put the brakes on that. Most likely the dems and republothugs will be at logjams over unemployment and stimulus to the downtrodden proles. so only the rich get bailed out this time. and a few crackers who tried to rip off PPP – god I hope they gut and arrest all those jerks.

meanwhile antifa aint goin so well in the burbs