A group of about 10 (probably paid for) H-1B protestors marched in D.C. this week, grumpy about Trump’s suspension of the H-1B visa.

Since Visas are awarded in MARCH, this suspension DOES NOTHING, but still they had to protest against it.

“My two week masters degree is just as good as MIT” screamed one Desi.

“Indian Programmers Best in de World” screamed another.

“Throw American programmers to the unemployment lines we deserve their jobs” said another.

The H-1B program, which they call a “non-immigrant” visa, is actually a path to citizenship and escape from the shit strewn streets of India. Already over two million have used it to get green cards or citizenship in the USA.

Trump suspended immigrant visas but left these “non-immigrant” visas alone. But eventually the LIE that these are non-immigrant came to light and he blocked the H-1B as well. If he gets re-elected and CONTINUES IT THROUGH NEXT JUNE it will reduce the numbers of jobs lost to H-1Bs from 4.2 million to 4 million. Well it’s a tiny start.

Better still would be to cancel ALL H-1B positions. RIGHT NOW. But that would be too real for all the Chamber of commerce and snagggletooth republican anti-American shills. Throwing our best and brightest in the streets is JUST FINE for them. Work hard they said. Study hard they said. Get thrown away by a low IQ indian who can’t program a hole in the ground. That’s the reality today for OVER FOUR MILLION AMERICAN ENGINEERS.

But no one cares. No one cares. It’s been going on for over 20 years now. and not one person cares. Do we wonder WHY our nation is dying? DUH!

Of the 4.4 million technology jobs in America, 2.2 million have now been taken by foreign H-1B workers (or those who got their green cards).

The USA awards 250,000 – 350,000 visa each and every year to H-1Bs even where there is no job growth, displacing Americans. With the corona virus, Every last H-1B should be seen as taking a job away from Americans.

But the money behind them are huge, as huge monied Indian lobbyists constantly push for more more more in this lucrative shakedown racket where they farm out their engineers for 50 dollars an hour and pay them only 15. It’s all highly secretive. Eventually their very smell of living ten to an apartment drives the Americans away and companies collapse. But for a few years at least, they appear like a cost savings, until the companies products explode or in the case of Boeing, literally fall out of the sky.