10 Trillion dollars wasted. To produce these pond scum humans who riot and loot and scream and rant for MORE. MORE Gibsmedat.

Time to repeal all the gibsmedat. The Negros aren’t thankful. No spending will ever be enough.

The real lesson from the riots is not that there is systemic racism, but rather, the low IQ high savagery negro antifa culture is Anti-American Anti-Capitalist, and unredeamable.

Time to end the civil rights act. No more gibs or affirmative action for them. Reduce welfare and no extra for having children. No priority section 8 free housing for having children. NONE OF IT! OVER! DONE.

Now the question is, as neither political party will stand for America, will our nation DIE before we create the party that will?

Pedro de Alvarado: The recent wave of BLM protests have descended into arson, looting, and iconoclastic vandalism in the name of fighting “systemic racism” and “white supremacy.”

Nothing changed, if you believe the Black Lives Matter narrative—despite 56 years of concessions to angry blacks.

Granted, blacks have faced and still face considerable struggles in terms of unemployment, gang and other violence, and fatherless and broken families, the last largely because of rampant bastardy [The Black Family: 40 Years Of Lies, by Kay S. Hymowitz, City Journal, Summer 2005].

But we all know none of those pathologies are related to “systemic racism” or oppression or white privilege. Indeed, they likely stem from the Civil Rights movement itself and its underlying ideological assumptions.

The CRA, for instance, contains provisions that violate the property rights of private business, as former Rep. Ron Paul and his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, have correctly observed [Paul says he would have opposed 1964 Civil Rights Act, by Michael O’Brien, The Hill, May 13, 2011]. From the point of view of classical liberal theory, the state should not compel business owners to serve people with whom they don’t wish to associate or do business. Free individuals can shop elsewhere or organize peaceful protests against these businesses.

Other commentators on the Dissident Right such as Ilana Mercer and Paul Gottfried specifically take issue with the provisions that have destroyed freedom of association and the social engineering they have unleashed.

Beyond that, the successors to Martin Luther King Jr.’s movement have used the power of the managerial state, under the guise of enforcing the CRA, as a blunt weapon against the Historic American Nation.