Several new deaths from Corona virus have spiked in Texas and Florida.

One of the most troubling was a ROCK which tested positive for the virus.

A Flower and a Sea Bass localy caught also were both submitted for swab testing and both results came back covid positive.

In one final ditch effort to find something not exposed miners unearthed a piece of gold ore from six thousand feet from below the earths surface, but sadly it too tested positive for covid.

Several survivalists who were living in large inflated bubble all were shocked that their tests came back positive. Even their one micron air filter was not enough to prevent the virus.

“The virus is now everywhere, masks are useless” said one Pastor.

Dr Carrie Madej: “Truth and Freedom”

5:23 – Covid has never been isolated and proven to be an infectious agent per the standard protocol called Koch’s postulates
6:27 – apparently someone filed a Canadian version of a FOIA request with Canada Health Dept asking for records indicating Covid- 19 has been isolated. Canada Health said they were unable to locate such records
6:50- We need proof covid 19 exists, we need an investigation of this and into the data in general. Decisions are being made on false and misleading data.
8:47 – Spain is preparing Centers to isolate asymptomatic Covid 19 patients
9:33 – quote from AMA Journal of “Ethics”- “it doesn’t matter if a vaccine is actually effective, as long as the state believes mandatory vaccines will promote common welfare it is a reasonable and proper exercise of the police power” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
15:35 – Total US Deaths Jan- May (supposedly the peak months for covid 19): 2017 – 976 K, 2018 – < 1 million, 2019 – 989 K
2020 – 740 K

1. We have a lower death count than normal in the US for peak covid months
2. We have overwhelming evidence test data is inaccurate and misleading
3. The virus itself, Covid 19, has never been isolated and proven to be an infectious agent