As our people’s size has changed, so must our Mannequins. The new FatTastic LadyPlus mannequin reflects more the norm in the USA.

“I was always put off by shopping – all those skinny chicks, now with the new models I feel more normal” said Jebrica Simms, a 400 pound yoga instructor.

“We have strived hard to give stores more realistic body shapes” said James Fexer, president of FatTastic.

Their new model “ChubbyJenny” goes from size 24 to size 32 using a simple bicycle pump. “Yes, it’s an upgrade in fattitude, and our new flex-size airpump models are selling out. We say the more there is, the more to love!” said Fexer.

“Fat is the new Beautiful” said Jebrica smiling. It sure is Jebrica, it sure is.