I always liked Herman Cain. He was a conservative black man, had the right ideas on closing the border. Went to Purdue. Wrote some good books on taking charge. Overall a net plus to society.

So it’s sad to see him go, another Covid statistic. He was 74 so he had a full life.

Then I was poking through the channels and this horrific creature and his more horrific guest appeared. Well I mostly started puking. I was shocked that this was supposed to be “comedy” but it was sour, taciturn, and nothing funny at all. How weird.

Most of our comedy is right destroyed by commies. Something about them not able to take a joke. Most of what they call comedy is just being mean.

People are getting dumber. Bring back the old slapstick. Slip on bannanas and all that. At least dumb people can relate to it.

News has gotten intolerable. Will DURHAM ever do anything about the corrupt FBI? Will Hillary evver get arrested. Answer – nope. Why not? I don’t know. Hannity seems to think something might happen with 90 days to go. Look, if he hasn’t done it so far, he never will.

Our nation is dying. Enjoy the show. But don’t expect humor.

I hear them commies are still going nuts in Portland. Thing is, Seattle is so close, when they shut down commies in seattle they all just fly to portland. So they have twice the numbers they really should have.

Here’s how you handle them Antifers. When they go into umbrella position and people start launching shit, you plow in a phalanyx of 200 tactical armored cops and seperate the front assholes from the meeker behind them, and then you funnel all of them into paddy wagons. Have people go through video and figure out who did what over the next 2 weeks. Keep em in lockdown for a month or 2 while you figure it. When they realize they don’t get out in four hours, they’ll stop. Not before.

Herman Cain. He could have sold chicken and made millions. Instead he sold pizza. I like pizza and I like Cain. Rest in pizza.