They keep being idiots I’ll keep writing.

Tomi Lahren, some kind of Fox News-bimbo, a NIMBO, is out there lecturing the very dumb who don’t know what socialism is. But when it’s HER chance to tell them what it is.. she doesn’t know.

She says – “It’s where there is no rich or poor, everyone is equal”. WRONG!

A socialist nation is one with more gibsmedat. Typically paying for welfare and disability like America does. But socialism goes further with free healthcare and free education, and often more gibs for women like 9months maternity leave and shite like that.

Europe is able to practice a more socialist economy BECAUSE the USA pays for all their defense. Which is why Trump’s 12000 troop withdrawl from Germany is a modicum move in the right direction, but a drop in the bucket. That leaves 23,000 troops in Germany. F-K Germany just take them all home. They ain’t paying nato fees. “How about NO” – dr. Evil.

Most people ALSO do not know what fascism is. Fascism is where government typically a one party government partners with business and directs production, but does not take ownership as in Lenin-ist commie-nism. America is also fascist – we bail out banks and send trillions to farmers. There’s a lot of grants and subsidies for business.

People mistakenly see Fascism as vitriolic warmongering due to the mis-characterization of Hitler. Hitler brought his nation out of starvation and was only begrudgingly led into war by the Polish. We will never know how Hiter would have fared had the whole world not fought the bankers war against him. He might have turned out to be a good guy – certainly in 1930 Germany was booming and at its heights while America languished into a 10 year depression ala Wilson the commie president.

Knowing what socialism and capitalism isn’t so simple. But we do know what commie-nism is – the state in control and ownership of land and business. But even that model is fractured. In the new china, they allow capitalism as long as you don’t criticize the government. You can’t formally own the land. It’s the typical one party lifelong dictator just like Russia. Or North Korea. That seems to be the sine qua non of non-free societies. So as long as we have elections betweens the demothug commies and the warmongering overspending pussies that are replublobloods well, I gues that make us somewhat free. Except property taxs so there is no more property ownership. except for worlwide taxation on our incomes. So we are now slaves no matter where we might flee.

Hmm. The differences are getting harder to define. As America Negro-fies completely over the next 20 years you can be sure that the gibsmedat culture making demands on a bankrupt nation will be our doom regardless.

Well watch the dye-job bimbo. She think’s she’s so smart. She’s probably eminently good in the sack which is how she most likely got this job, it wasn’t for brains.