If you’ve spent much time in China you know they are mostly simple quiet people. Not really given to argument. Louder than Japanese yes. But One wonders how they view the images of the Antifers going nuts and our blue haired women. Like some pre-historic Viking horde no doubt.

It might give them pause about invading us. Which at this point they could probably do. A pre-landing seeding with 10 million illegals won’t catch anyones eye in Burrito land. Not the great unwashed of California or Oregon. Heck the whole left coast is free and easy.

But then again, they might think twice. “These people crazy, they destroy themselves” and they’d probably take a pass.

Sit back and watch the fruits of the covid death they unleashed on us.

Trump recently boasted again of the “billions and billions” that China pays us because of him. 62 billion a year to be exact. With a 500 billion trade deficit its a drop in the pan. They should be 500 billion not 62.

Instead Trump sends them our wonderful crops. Hmmm. If food shortages is china’s only weakness why are we acting like their bitch and feeding them? And whats up with all the trillions in bailouts going to farmers. Ick.

I think if you could ponder it, at this point as Jimmy Dore said America is a failed state. It’s not really a place where one can prosper anymore. The taxes are too damn high. And with feral blacks and blue haired harpies protesting for MORE gibsmedat, well we are already well past the point of affordability in our minority shakedowns.

What we SHOULD be doing is pulling all our troops home, withdrawing from the world except for our proper trading partners, and whacking our budget in half. Stabilizie the dollah. But it wont happen. So the nation is still on a doomesday course. Does Trump talk about this. Nope. He just says “well we built 500 miles of wall not 400 so we’re doing better than expected”

errr. right.

doesn’t matter that he didnt use galvanized steel so it will all rust away in 10 years. But no matter.

And lincoln showed us that they wont tolerate a state or territory breaking off and returning to sanity. So.. it’s doomesday folks. We’ve got 10 maybe 20 years tops. Then we are some combination of Venezuela and Brazil. But with a lot more guns and mongrel non-Europanics bashing in old couples brains with baseball bats (yep just happend again!). Not a place I want to grow old.

I’m looking for a small fishing village south of the border. If there’s fish and China’s huge Ocean Suckers don’t pillage it all away you might survive for a while. Have a bit of peace while America burns.

If the democrats do win, I give it 5 years tops. If Trump wins, maybe 10, but things will get bad fast.

Meanwhile we are all trapped by this corona. It’s not fun times. The Baconater I had delivered for $20 was a Baconator Junior. Not really worth complaining but I’ve been getting miffed on my burgers endlessly, no doubt they see it as a quick way to boost profits – burger miffing. Well its some ramen noodles with an egg to tide me over, hardly the high class life.