Now that the demothugs have gone full commie, America is desperate for a new political party.

If you are going to launch a party, you need to have first priorities. One is get a platform that billionaires will support and fund you. At least one of them. Maybe Thiel?

Second, get your congressional seats first. Then Senate seats. Then and oNLY then go for the presidency.

What are the core values? I think a return to freedom, a return to america 1779-1913. We arent free anymore, mere tax slaves.

1 : Birthright citizenship misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment is hereby revoked for all peoples under the age of 40 years

2 : All Usery is illegal.

3 : All money must follow the rules set forth in the Constitution

4 : The crime of illegal immigration will be met with corporal punishment, imprisonment, or death

5 : The USA will withdraw from NATO and instead form alliances with individual countries. All troops abroad including the 30,000 in Germany, the 30,000 in the middle east, and the 30,000 in South Korea will immediately come home and defend our borders

6 : No American will be taxed on income earned abroad

7 : Black Thugs Matter : We will arrest and imprison them

8 : The Federal Reserver Banking Cartel will be dismanteled and a new American Bank to manage issuing currency will issue currency without debt from the department of the Treasury. All existing foreign debts will be repayed at a rate of 1/100th in the new gold backed currency

9 : All property taxes will be declared illegal. Americans deserve their birthright to own property without fear.

10: Communism and by proxy the Democratic Party will be declared illegal. Antifa style riots will result in federal jail sentences