I dont have many words

The average plebe will not understand what has happened.

Today Trump stared down madness and communists

Today Trump stared down the deep state, the crooks and the psychotics

And Today Trump said “ENOUGH” “NO MORE”. “Time after time we fall back” er wait, that was Picard.

Trump issued unemployment payments of $400 a week to a hungry and desperate 10 million Americans. And NOT for illegal aliens as Pelosi had proposed.

“You can’t do that” Screemed the Karens in the crowds

“What if the states don’t agree ” screamed another. “Let’s see them try it” quipped back Trump Quickly

“You’ve been in the marketplace, do you know how much it costs for a loaf of bread. $500,000 Dollars. $500,000 Dollars. The Wheelbarrows are not big enough to carry the money in”

Oh wait, that was Hitler. In a way today Trump reminded me of Hitler, in the best of ways – tear open his heart and display his mountain of steadfastness in the light of a world gone mad.

“One STATE, ONE PEOPLE, ONE AMERICA” Trump screamed at us.