“Gib me dat Gucci” screamed one.

“Damn fool, get the Cartier, no not the cufflinks! We protesting George Floyd get the necklaces!”

Well it had to happen. They decided to go for it, assume the police were wussed out, and hit the fancy stores. Sacks of Gold and Diamonds were hoisted away into fancy cars. It was the looting opportunity of the century and the Police had been called to STAND DOWN.

“Black or White, don dese diamons look fuh real Biatch!”

Yes they do Kizzie, yes they do.

Going out looting. New balaklava – $20, Baton and body armor $350. The scene of them using a luxury AUDI to smash the bullet proof glass — priceless.

Let’s just declare Chicago an occupied zone and wall it off.