Alas, we’ve been waiting for “lock her up” for almost 4 years no. No sign it’s going to happen.

We’ve been waiting for the arrests, the toppling of the deep state. no sign it’s happening. One measly easy arrest. None of the big boys.

It’s basically now or never. Trump has no idea the huge backlash if he doesn’t get prosecutions. The evidence is clear.

Take Hillary. She had email of drone surveillance. That is de-facto classified. So she should get 2 yrs in prison like that navy cadet who sent a picture of himself inside a sub to his girlfriend. Yet she doesn’t. Why?

Sure he pardoned Roger Stone, but he sure took his time while people languished in jail.

I don’t think the base is enthused. A choice between keep her free Trump and sleepy joe means.. we just stay home this time.

Take his H-1B suspension. Great, but… its too little too late. How many H-1Bs flooded in during his term? Over a million. Did any of them have to leave because of his executive order? none.

Take birthright citizenship. Did he stop that? Nope.

Did he really lower taxes? No he raised them for many upper middle class working slobs.

It’s kinda a wash with Trump. He promised a lot and didn’t deliver. yes he’s better than exelcting Zombie Biden. Yes I know that’s a mispelled word. That is also. But I’m leaving them cause I’m just that pissy at the moment.