Blacks get a pass. Whites get huge taxes and don’t you dare make even the tiniest infraction or we’ll throw the book at you.

We are living NOW in an anti-white racist nation. Only a few states have even a modicum of parallel justice for blacks and whites. Even in Texas illegals and blacks get off of most crimes (but not homicide) with just a warning or wrist slap.

I thought RACISM was a bad thing?

Or are we just admitting the truth others don’t dare say – Blacks are violent child minded horrors. We have to study and learn what has gone terribly wrong with the minds of the majority of black people. Is there a way the next generation can be fixed before this horror happens to them? They blame “systemic racism” on their own failures and hate everyone. That’s a trap and a stupid one to fall for.

It’s time for a mass event on these antifers and blackazons who think they can shut down streets and murder at will. Are there any men left in portland at all? I guess not.

Time after time they kill us and we fall back

They rape our women and we fall back

They shoot our children in the head in broad daylight

and we fall back