There’s this Billy chic. They let her speak at the convention. Let’s dissect what she said cause white lives matter. Will she follow the leftist emo-speak that makes vague sweeping illogical statements or will she discuss facts and build a case based in logic? I bet you can guess already which one that is!

“You don’t need me to tell you things are a mess”

Yep. We don’t. Wait what is a mess your hair? Not sure I follow. Billy never explains so let’s assume the rest of her speek will tell us what she means. err zhe means.

“Donald Trump is destroying our country and everything we care about”

Fantastic. So that’s the mess. Wait, how exactly is he doing that? And what do you care about. It surely will follow in this brilliant exegesis on democracism.

“We need leaders who will solve problems like climate change and covid not deny them”

I don’t think Trump ever said that the climate doesn’t change. The temperatures in Texas change a lot every day. And some days it rains in Texas. Does Trump DENY Covid’s existence. I haven’t heard him say that either. Hmmm. Exactly where is she getting this information surely it will follow in this brilliant diatribe of the emo-world.

You see in Emo world, they are not capable of understanding science. Not one bit. So when evidence comes out that the models are wrong, the lessar dryas, or the moving of thermometers and faking evidence, it all flows over their heads LA lal al ala la. And then you get these horrific advertisements on TV saying that democrats support science not Trump. It’s exactly the opposite and science ladies and germs, in no way supports the absurd undefined lunacy coddled in the term “climate change” meaning not normal changes of weather, but instead a cataclysmic future due to carbon dioxide and turnip shits.

“Leaders who will fight against systemic racism and inequality”


There IS NO SYSTEMIC RACISM. IT’s NOT A THING. IT DOESN’T EXIST. Unless you mean policies that hurt WHITE PEOPLE. Systemic racism against white people is LAW of the LAND in America. It’s legal to block whites from admissions to colleges such as Yale (they had a supreme court decision that said so!) and it’s legal to give jobs to less qualified non-white people over a white candidate. OK so she’s fighting against anti-white racism. I’m starting to like this chic. errr I think ?

Let me explain what systemic racism is. Gather a group of 10 really stupid people. Give them passing grades all through high school, let them into colleges they don’t qualify for and give them passing grades all through that. Now they graduate, and if they aren’t lucky enough for an affirmative action job because they speak no better than a ONE YEAR OLD at BEST and at worst speak some jungle jibberish filled with hate and rage “YO CRAKAH U AIN ALL THAT BOO” well then they somehow dont get the jobs that hard working europanics and asians do. In their dwarf pinhead brains they cannot SEE that they are pathetic imbeciles, so they belive the difference in outcomes is due to RACISM. And since they suck at everthing, it must be SYSTEMIC. I vote for the tree chipper, at least as fertilizer they can contribute to society rather than drain it with their welfare disability and entitlement programs.

Wait, fight against inequality? Isn’t inequality based on the natural world? Is she now saying the commie equality of outcome. So that means I should get on the NBA teams? Terrific! I should get the same free college that blacks get. Awesome. I cannot wait! And if I work and am stupid and lazy I should get the same salary as the CEO and CTOs. Well thats a bit odd but I won’t argue with a larger paycheck. errr I think? Won’t everyone get lazy and just stop working then? Hmmm. I’m not sure you’ve thought this through Missy.

“this starts with voting against Donald Trump and voting for Joe Biden”

errr. Wait. Joe Biden is for the anti-white racism. So that doesn’t make any sense. Why do you say Joe Biden is the answer surely you will explain it?

“we all have to vote like our lives and our world depend on it because they do”

err I think you mean “depends on it” but I’ll give you a pass. OK surely NOW NOW at the end you explain WHY our lives depend on it.

Wait thats the end. WTF! She just spouted gibberish. except for to stop the racism against whites and anti-white systemic racism. On that point I agree. Why the hell does affirmative action still exist. Why does Trump give billions to historically black colleges and NOT to historically WHITE colleges. Why is job discrimination based on race LEGAL in America. This is a terrible legacy of racism much worse than slavery. So on that point she has spoken the truth.