A man walks by an armoured vehicle as B&L Office Furniture burns in the background as protests turn to fires after a Black man, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S. August 24, 2020.

Oh town of Kenosha. You 92% Europanic city. Burned TO THE GROUND by Black Thugs Matters.

This place is hard to even get to. This is part of Phase 2. Now that all the city centers are destroyed, the Antifa-letes are hitting the burb cities and attacking WHITES WHERE THEY LIVE.

Thing is, the burbs is where whites fled to escape the darkies. But they refuse to leave us alone. Because gibsmedatnotenoughs.

Fed with dollars from cucked companies and the Demothugs, they literally get first class travel, air tickets, fancy hotels, free food, everything paid for to get them to the next city.

This is why you could never put out the fire in Seattle and Portland, they all just swap cities as one gets the crackdowns.

It has now come to violence. They brought the violence to whites. Whites never asked for this violence. Whites are guilty of slavery even if their ancesters were actual slaves and never entered the country until 1930. Whites are also guilty of systemic racism which means black dude stupid not get millions for rap-farting.

We are at south africa with 14% blacks. But they get a huge tag team buddy with the 80 million Hispancos here. Mostly the illegals who want their free housing and free health insurance and for some reason didn’t get it.

So it’s really more like 50% violent savages vs. 50% whites. But that will soon change to 70/30 in 20 more years. What will these burn the city down events look like then? And where will the taxes come from to pay for all the prison beds and police to handle that many thugs?