The COVID test is actually a test to validate if you are human or not.

Homo sapiens chromosome 8 Primary Assemblyctccctttgt tgtgttgt


So essentially if you test positive, then you are a member of Homo sapiens species. Congratulations!

The same thing happened with the fake HIV test. It was a bunch of rubbish detritis that they called “HIV” and they got the gene sequences for that. If you matched it it didn’t mean a damn thing, but they were able to kill people with AZT and make billions and Fauci got patents on treatments and Gallo as well. Both got stinking rich.

This is their second try at it. Why does no one decry the fake test? Why do we let the same jerks who murdered millions INCLUDING that bohemian raphosody guy continue to murder millions?

Answer: Politicians are stupid, too stupid to understand science.

One more tasty tidbit. Apparently all the old people in italy had just taken a new experimental vaccine just before their “outbreak” hit and millions die. Covid is a convenient excuse isn’t it. the rest of the countries just call influenza cases covid, slap people on ventilators and murder them, and pocket 60 grand.

Cut off the dollars for murdering people and covid will go away. It’s that simple.