1. Why are you a racist?
  2. Why do you hate black people why dont you support black lives matter don’t you agree their lives matter?
  3. Why did you destroy the economy
  4. Why did you do nothing when covid struck and killed millions of americans
  5. You do you support cops shooting innocent blacks
  6. Why do you carry water for the Russians
  7. What blackmail does Putin control you with
  8. If elected, why wont you represent black and hispanics
  9. why do you hate women?
  10. why do you consider hungry helpless people who cross our border seeking nothing but a better life criminals does not the Statue of Liberty say “give us your poor, your tired, your low wage taco eating masses”

questions for biden

  1. Please explain the wonderful shining light that will happen if you are elected
  2. Who has better hair, you or Trump
  3. How will you prevent climate change … in this small bowl
  4. Do you believe women should be listened to after you sniff their hair?
  5. You visited Kenosha after Trump did, are you generally a follower or a leader?
  6. how will you provide health care to all our people including those who are undocumented and chimps?
  7. will you renew DACA and what does DACA stand f(CUT CUT !!!!)
  8. the pinta, the nina and the santa maria refer to – Interns I have fondled, conference room names, or ships ?
  9. If four supreme court justices are pro abortion and three supreme court justices are against abortion how many ginsbergs have to die before murdering infants will be illegal?
  10. There has been a lot of black violence and looting – Black Thugs Matter – do you support these simple peaceful protestors trying to get their message out?