Children ride a canoe across a polluted water body near the beach at the West Point Township in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. The West Point Township or slum in Monrovia houses over 70,000 people. It is known to be one of the most dangerous slums in Monrovia. Water and sanitation condition in the slum is certainly less that adequate. Due to the lack of sanitary latrines, it is common for many residents of the West Point to defecate in open near the beach. It is also common for people to dispose of garbage on the beach that continues to create health hazards for its residents. In recent times, Liberia continues to recover from a ruinous 14-year civil war that ended in 2003. Although the Government is working to rebuild the country‚Äôs destroyed infrastructure, many Liberians still live without access to basic services. The influx of approximately 178,000 refugees from Cv¥te d’Ivoire, who fled their own country after controversy surrounding the 28 November 2010 presidential election turned violent, has only exacerbated the situation. Waning supplies of safe drinking water and food, inadequate sanitation facilities, constricted access to medical care and overcrowding all threaten the health of Liberian and Ivorian children alike. The education of many children has also been disrupted because refugees stay in schools when there are not enough families to host them. The poor condition of roads makes it difficult for aid to reach remote areas, where many of the most vulnerable families live. Many of the refugees have returned home, but thousands have stayed back, often hosted by Liberian communities and families, both in rural and urban areas of the country. NGOs and the Liberian Government continue to work hard to provide life-saving services for both Liberian citizens and Ivorian refugees.

This is a follow on article to our very popular “What is Racism” article.

“Structural Racism is the psychosis of seeing whitey everywhere because you were told you were equal to whites but fail miserably time and time again due to low IQ and High savagery in your genetics thus not knowing your difference you attribute it to white oppression and racism everywhere in everything when in fact it’s your own uselessness and stupidity.”

Structural Racism begins with the anti-Capitalist (nee Communist) lie that all people are equal. This is the lie we were told in 1960s to allow invasion of our nation by mud-people and to allow the negros to breed and to treat negros as equal actors in our society while showering them with TEN TRILLION DOLLARS in handouts. We enacted AFFIRMATIVE ACTION in hiring and CORPORATE SHAMING on corporations, backed by justice department lawsuits. All based on the notion that the difference between blacks and whites is just skin deep and thus, if blacks ever did worse then racism must be involved.

Do not forget that we got these policies after LBJ MURDERED PRESIDENT KENNEDY (see Roger Stone’s book) and enabled the ANTI WHITE DISCRIMINATION as LEGAL in our once free nation.

The measures were supposed to be temporary. Just until they got on their feet. and SIXTY YEARS LATER they are still solidly in place.

Now the structural racism is AGAINST WHITES. Blacks abuse the welfare and disability systems PAID FOR BY WHITES and become parasitic leeches on society. Not all. But a lot. Their cost on society from their thuggin high psychopathy genetics includes emergency rooms ever full of gunshot victims, numerous courts that had to be built and staffed to process all the criminals, and huge jails that had to be built to house over a million of them.

Far from a racist system against blacks, it’s a racist system against whites who are 2nd class citizens in the nation they built and worse, BLACKS get all the handouts and freebies. They often get lessar sentences for thuggin. They get free college. And Trump had the nerve to hand over 20 BILLION dollars for “historically black colleges” which somehow teach the savages, while handing over ZERO DOLLARS for whites struggling with huge student loan payments.

Blacks being mostly gullible and superstitious easily are led by the communists to belive the lie that they are being oppressed when at any time they are welcome to return to Liberia, the free nation in Africa Lincoln created for them to prosper in. To date not ONE black has taken Lincoln up on that offer. The initial colony mostly starved and fought to death and now they shit on the once beautiful white sand beaches (I mean that LITERALLY).

Blacks have proven time and time again that they are a parasitic race and collapse every society back to the stone age once they reach a majority. Worse, all the great achievements that white people could have accomplished – space stations, mars, productive new architecture in cities – is all now impossible as dollars are vacuumed off to feed our black miscreants.

Yes Virginia, Structural Racism exists, except its AGAINST WHITES.