Things are seemingly falling apart. So one has to ask, get out now?

It depends on many factors. First are you benefitting from the current environment. That means jobs income vs taxation and violence and general decay.

For house owners, the property taxes have become particularly ridiculous. For many that makes retirement in the USA impossible. Not with 6K/yr in property taxes.

Why can’t there be a district for single people without schools to at least save on the school taxes.

The middle class life is getting harder and harder. Inner cities are now all violent hell holes. Even texas had rioters.

Without a Trump win, for most people that will be the signal to get out. I don’t think fleeing to south dakota will help much.

On the other hand, if you are doing well in your job and earnings are good, well then by all means stay and just work on your location and defensive position. Suburban houses were built assuming peace. No walls. In fact building a wall may be illegal. not to mentino costly.