Lily, Gene, Welcome to What’s my line, the game where the first person to guess the occupation of our secret star wins a prize. Each of you have 20 questions and let’s begin with Gene

Gene: How Old are you?

Antifa: I’m 22

Lily: Do you work in the theater

Antifa: well, its a kind of theater

Gene: What things would you use in your occupation?

Antifa: a hammer and a mask

Lily: Are you a carpenter?

Antifa: I’m an reverse carpenter

Announcer: Hmm cryptic answer!

Gene: Where do you live

Antifa: I live in my moms basement

Lily: Does your occupation involve Fire?

Antifa: Yes, constantly

Gene: Would you say you are communists?

Antifa: Marxists and Anarchists

Lily: I KNOW IT – Are you a Political Leader

Antifa – Yes

Gene: Do you fight for social justice?

Antifa: Yes

Lily: What do you think of police officers?

Antifa: I want to SMASH THEM

Gene: Do you think black lives matter but not white lives

Antifa: YES!

Lily: do you start forrest fires?

Antifa: YES!

Gene: Do you start fires in the city?

Antifa: YES!

Gene: I know it. I am going to say it’s a ANTIFA!

Announcer: You are correct GENE! Meet out guest Joe Slavnick, a anacro-communist who has burned down four quickie marts and two car dealerships. He has attacked over four hundred police officers and still gets let out of prison without bail. His goal is total mayhem and his dream date is tearing down statues with lassos. Meet Joe!!!

<everyone claps>