Yep, they had to do it. In a “reverse races so ya’ll can feel our pain” except blacks CAUSE the pain its all like my asshole my shit don stank over again.

It’s a new show on Peacock (wtf is that?) advertising on youtube funded no doubt by leftist agenda. It includes miscegenation of course. And endlessly whites feeling guilty.

This isn’t new. This is part of the 1619 race reparations make whitey feel guilty for things he never did. Forced down your throat until your anus bleeds.

There’s a reason why dim witted african savages didn’t colonize Europe. Because they were barely more civilized than apes. It’s wakanda done again only racism speculation forced down our throats. They think that by telling their racist delusions in REVERSE that whites will finally come to understand the black savage. They show the “white george floyd” murdered by police for no reason and the flowers, except… floyd was a violent drug user who overdosed on fentanyl. Truth doesn’t matter, just FEEL GUILTY WHITES.