The truth is the election is tighter than we’d like to think. A lot of trumpians are pissed off he never “locked her up” and broke a lot of other promises.

So let’s get the list out.

  1. End Birthright Citizenship (Mis-Interpretation of 14th Amendment)

Rather than try to pass a low or a go around congress, do this Bureaucratically – require a valid SSN from one of the parents to award a SSN. Then restrict all aid programs to REQUIRE a SSN. Easy Peasy Cheesy.

2. End the H-1B Visa (practically) by requiring a 50,000 per year fee ($150,000 per visa issue and at renewal time as well). If they really are scarce, and a needed skill, there should be no problem in requiring a good extra chunk o cash. Incidentally Trumps blocking the H-1B through the end of the year does nothing, the awards are done in MARCH.

3. Send in the shock troops and intelligently arrest Antifa. Put them in the hoose-gow for 2 weeks minimum while you sort out who burned things down. Just arrest all of them. Let them know its no game.

4. issue currency debt free from the Treasury. Call them Trump Bucks. Start using this currency to pay down the debt as well on a 30 yr plan. Trump bucks can be used to purchase 1/100th 1oz of gold at any place that sells gold.

5. Money for entrepreneurs. Not through fatcat VCs Not through stupid loan programs. Have teams review business plans.