Ah Cuties. I’m all for it. Sure, theys be pedo baitin. Fo SHO! But look look, it’s a teachable moment for your children. Todays lesson, recognizin the HO and the skank. Err I mean the 4 races.

First there’s the white blonde kid. Clearly beautiful. And will go on to becoma a THOUGHT. What’s a thought? well it ain’t pretty.

Then theres the chubby latina. Why are latinas always chubby? Must be them tacos and burritos. Why did they chose a chubby lantina not a thin latina? I don’t know. But keep the burrito order doubled when they bring out the celeb food catering for the show.

Next, we see the Asian. She’s too skinny. If she were in her home country she’d be a comfort girl, but shes not, shes here to get rich.

Then they have two black girls. Why 2? AffirmativeAfrican of course! Two for the price of one cause white priviledge and systemic racification! Blacks are mainly on the dole (Hodge twins excepted, god those boys are funny!) so they need all the jobs they can get. Think about the brilliance if they doubled up every black who worked with another black – no more black unemployment. I think thats pretty smart of cuties. Not so pretty there is a bit of ape face, but maybe they are hopin the pedo brothers market will be worth it to drive up ratings. Must be doin somthin right!

The black kids seem a bit vain and mean. But the other kids seem pretty much the same. For some reason the lantina lazies around a lot and siestas. Is that a burrito wrapper under her blanket? I don’t think she’ll be good as a workin girl when she grows up, latinas and welfare is more the norm in our society, their 40 year old husband goes out and lays concrete or mows lawns but they never register the marriage so the wife with 5 kids gets welfare and free housing. win win. its a double bagle of goodness. Our kids can learn the differences in races just by watching this show if they just added in a section “when they grow up” and show the outcomes. Jezebel the blonde chic goes on to harvard with a degree in gender studies. Miranda the latina has her fourth kid by 16. Puzza and Kanga the black chics, is that the ghetto I see, no, it’s a alley in Hollywood! They have made it, the perfect stars for our Black Lives Mutter twisted broken nation of the future. Uh Oh the Latina has knocked over the Burrito cart. Will the black girls help her to clean it up? Talk to the hand Biatch, talk to the hand.

My generation we had zoom. it had a catchy song. We’re gonna zooom were gonna zoom. They were right, today I use zoom all the time to talk to people. It was 4 white kids, one black, and one latino. I guess it would have been too shocking for the day if they race set it up like Cuties. Changed nation changed cast I guess. On zoom they would teach us how to speak Ubbi Dubbi – which I guess was prepin us to handle euboniks that blacks speak. Ubbi flubble dubbi mubble. Yep they were ahead of the curve. But I digress.

We’d listen to the Ubbi Dubbi just to annoy our parents. It was like RAP before rap! Zoom never held back what the point of the show was trying to force into our heads!

We also had the electric company. Which taught white kids not to be afraid of Manuel and Quantavious. I think it worked!

Sheesh in that first photo there’s no white kids at all! It wasn’t as fun as zoom, but it did have Morgan Freeman who would come out every now and then and explain things for us.

I tried to watch cuties but it was more about pushing kids to be materialistic and shop and buy expensive overpriced crap. Maybe it’s not really about sexualizing kids?

chubby latina had to shop at the dollar store

So if you’re a pedo, and want to see a perfectly race balanced show, check out Cuties – on Netflix today!