“White Priviledge” is a term used by the addled headed INSANE people, mostly black but sometimes white, decrying a psychotic world view where whites still somehow keep blacks down.

It’s a communist error. Since in communism all people are equal and should have equal outcomes, and since blacks and hispanics do poorly, blacks doing even more poor combined with endless thuggery and murder and rape, well then to keep the communist script they MUST maintain a REASON WHY.

Instead the truth is that the races are not equal. No more than I am equal to be a 7′ tall NBA star, the typical black is no where near me in cognitive ability with their tinier less developed less sulcus-ed brains. It just aint going to happen. As Einstein was trotted out as a Jew who could do science (an utter fraud and just horrific ideas that have set us back 100 years) the reason he was able to achieve prominence is that he was financed in this vision by the raping jewish banks. Similarly the BLM vision is pushed by the financial raping George Soros and other dark shadow financiers.

The reality of the psychopathology of blacks is absurdly well documented in the book by Lynn, and the reality of low black IQ is well documented in over 100 studies. Does that mean I despise the Hodge twin or Thomas Sowell because they are black? Does that mean I hate nina simone’s music because she is black. Of course not. They have achieved to the best of their ablity and worked damn hard for it. Unlike the common sloth sluggards who want everything for free, and that is precisely the point of “white priv” cause that is a cause d’etre for MORE FREE MORE HANDOUTS MORE AFRICANACTION free jobs, and endless on and on.

The shocking thing is, they protest and whine loot and burn down democrat cities while being AT THE PINNACLE of HANDOUTS which teaches us what lesson? It will NEVER BE ENOUGH. So taking such lesson to heart we should REMOVE all this racist handouts to blacks and hispanics (not even a race gdmnit!) and stop being a racist society and even more reduce them by half at least, and then based on them rioting and thugging with 100% handouts, that should reduce when we reduce their gibsmedat by 50%.

Here is an idea, if caught in anarchist riots and arson remove ALL handout programs from them for ONE YEAR.

Another idea – MANDATORY reprogramming videos for white women who think police really are shooting and killing blacks.

Now, why are the whites there? What on earth!

There are two kinds of whites taking part. First group are the utter failures. Look at the published arrest photos from Portland and you will see pimple faced losers who seem horribly unhealthy even meth-headed affect.

The other group as we have seen with the recent arrests, are terribly spoild rich daddies girls who have no concept of the world nor ability to freely think and are easily brainwashed by communist ideologies and bleeding heart liberls “Oh the police are killing the blacks we must save them”. these shrieking Karens are truly disturbing. More often than not they believe in white priviledge because THEY THESELVES come from such extreme priviledged class that they make the error to assume all whites live lifes like them. It’s the same with Pelosi.

Society cannot award looters, thugs, and sloths. Slugs basically. It needs to squash their slimey worm like bodies. and say good riddance. Demothugs wants these slugs to thrive. and breed. And sadly the social more forward of LBJ and the handout programs of that era have resulted in horror not success. But we cannot let the most misfortune of us flat out starve? What to do? You have to squash these commies with an iron fist. Throw the book at them and even arrest the mayors who allow this to happen. They are insurrecting. It’s cut and dry. They are worms, smush them and smear them across the sidewalk.