First it’s important to set get your peacock on. Dress the commie part. Che t-shirt? check. balaclava. check. black clothes. check. strapped on knife for street cred? check.

Second, scout your target. Ignore the colored hair chics even if they are tens. arm pit beards are also a warning sign from nature to stay away. If their armpits are that furry their bush will be sasquatch.

Third, trust your sense of smell. Hints of apple and honey? check. Raw sewage smells? stay the F away.

Next engage in the earlier peaceful part of your neighborhood burn the city down rally. Start a chant like “Frump the Trump” (that always works for me). “Yeah yeah, Frump that Trump!” screams the girl. It’s ON.

Next pull her aside and ask her where she got her doc martens. Say that you are so mad at the patriarchy and capitalism. Show your strength by lifting her up for a better view of the flaming dumpster. You aint no soy sausage!

Now comes the coup de grace. “Hey, I need to refill my molotovs can you help me? ” “(giggle) sure!” says the chic excited to learn how this stuff works. Take her back to your place.

“Where are the molotovs?”

“Uh I’m all out of bottles we have to drink these beers first”


curtins draw to a close. Have a small pipe with a bit of weed if shes still worrying about consent. The video of that can be used if she ever threatens remorse rape like these lefty broads do. Or of you pounding her bottom with sausage.

Cost: boots, balaklava, and douche clothes : $210 dollars

Hearing a feminista scream “oh my god fk me harder”