At first it sounds crazy. But consider this. When did Wuhan launch 1,580+ 5G broadcasting antennas?

Answer: September 2019, just before their outbreak, EXACTLY coinciding with their first virus reports.

The two graphics are of Nebraska. The top one, no that’s not covid cases, it’s 5G towers. Nebraska only has 22 5g towers in Omaha, on one side of the state. The rest is 5g free more or less. there is at least a correlation that nebraska has almost no covid deaths (5 a day). coincidence?

But look again at where there are the most towers – New York and New Jersey. Again most towers = most covid cases. Could it just be population density? Other low density states but with 5g towers still have more cases than nebraska. So seems like there’s a strong correlation. We need datascientists to crunch each states covid deaths vs. 5g towers and test the correlation. But so far, seems right.

New Hampshire only has 4 covid death towers, err I mean 5G

Covid has made “5g more essential than ever!”

They are using the fake virus to put up MORE 5g towers to cause MORE deaths. frightening.

How many deaths are there from covid in new hampshire? ZERO. Let that sink in. 4 5g towers = 0 deaths.

Now let’s look at Rhode Island. Why? Because it DOES have a fairly good sized population YET it has ZERO 5G towers. So it should have an average amount of covid cases.

YET, the data mirrors New Hampshire, a slight pulse, then ZERO. That initial pulse can be from the transmission of radiation from out of state and of people attenuating to it. A few get sick and die. But if you have towers nearby, people keep getting sick and dying. At this point you have to say the evidence is quite strong that covid is realted to 5G transmission towers NOT virus. All you need are fake tests for dna striplets which naturally occur in humans (they did the same with HIV, it was a FAKE TEST) and presto you get billions for the medical establishment, BILLIONS for 5G that gets to go ahead without anyone seeing it producing problems (it’s just covid!) and WIN-WIN for the fatcats. Look at how GALLOs fake patenting of HIV and FAUCIs fake HIV patents all made them filthy rich over a non-existent virus. Now they are doing it again.

This is sick.


OK let’s look at BELGIUM. Belgium banned 5G transmission on April 8, 2020 due to health concerns and by April 30th 2020 all 5G transmission had ended. Look at their map of covid deaths. This is a highly populated area. Based on the virus hypothesis, this is impossible.

Where do the leaders of the EU work and live? Brussells Belgium. Coincidence?

Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia

Here is a fairly recent map of 5G installations through europe. Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovakia and Greece do NOT have 5G. So what is the covid deaths for these countries? Almost non-existant. 12 – 14 per MILLION versus France and Great Britain which are at the 600 / million level. Hmmmm. Coincidence? Yes thats right its just a PERFECT COINCIDENCE that holds PERFECTLY. Take a look at these images below:

Notice that the few nations that do not have 5G are Latvia, Lithuania Sloakia and Greece

Greece has 46 deaths / million. Latvia has 21. Lithuania has 40. Slovakia has 13. None of these countries have 5G. Neighbor Ukraine has 123/M and has 5G. Neighbor German has 116/M and has 5G. Coincidence? Someone should ask this question!


Ok now lets look at vietnam.

For almost six months, Vietnamese officials every day announced a fairly astonishing statistic for a nation of 96 million: no Covid-19 deaths. But that changed on July 31, with 10 deaths being claimed.

Ok what is the state of their 5g?

Vietnam will commercialise 5G network in October using entirely domestically produced equipment, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC). Researches on 5G chip production at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. 

So they only just started with 5g


Thailand which only has 59 deaths to date is starting to have 5g, but only in hospitals.

True Corp. has over 30 million subscribers and its 5G is launched in major hospitals in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chonburi, Phuket, and Khon Kaen. 


Alaska has Anchorage which is a fairly large city. 5g only recently was installed and only along small business corridor streets it isn’t even city wide yet. The result? Between 0 and 4 covid deaths a day, almost none.

Now, with 1 covid death a day, that means there is covid there in the densly populated city. So why doesn’t it spread and grow if it’s contagious? But it hasn’t. So what if instead covid is an effect CAUSED by 5G causing a cytokine storm in the lungs. So people who get the regular flu end up with “covid”. What if covid is simply “the flu” + 5g ? do we know it’s not? THATS IMPOSSIBLE you shout. Really? IT’s what the evidence says.


What about the outbreak in Italy? It was an experimental vaccine with god knows what in it, most likely one of those RNA scriptase vaccines, very dangerous. Given mostly to old people there’s a reason why “covid” hits old people hard. It’s the vaccines they took.

To address the issue of B-mismatch, a new Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine (QIV) containing both B-lineage strains has been developed, in order to achieve broader protection against influenza. The new QIV was approved in Italy in 2015 and included by the MoH in the national recommendations for the seasonal immunization campaign against influenza 2015-2016.


So Trump got better fast with Regeneron or whatever it was. But if Covid is a 5G inflicted cytokine storm and not a virus (or lesser possibility its a combination of both) then how did the therapy help trump. They call it an “antibody therapy ” but thats incorrect.

 Regeneron is a VEGF inhibitor, and rilonacept, an interleukin-1 blocker. From a recent study “Cytokine levels were evaluated using ELISA and electrochemiluminescence. We found that blocking the activation of VEGF receptor resulted in changes in intra-tumoral cytokine levels, specifically IL-1β, IL-6 and CXCL1.”

[Cytokine Levels Correlate with Immune Cell Infiltration after Anti-VEGF Therapy in Preclinical Mouse Models of Breast CancerChristina L. Roland, Kristi D. Lynn, November 3,

So Regeneron is a cytokine storm modulation agent. 5G causes cytokine storm. No virus involved in the sickness NOR the cure. Interesting.

Wait it gets better. They are proposing testing for the VEGEF-D protein as a test for COVID. Again, no VIRUS INVOLVED! But you’ve got covid!

VEGF-D: a novel biomarker for detection of COVID-19 …

We hypothesized that elevated VEGF-D level might potentially relate to the storm of blood clots occurring in COVID-19 patients. Notably, it is of great interest to investigate the therapeutic effects of VEGF inhibitor in COVID-19 patients.

Author: Yaxian Kong, Junyan Han, Xueying Wu, Hui Zeng, Jingyuan Liu, Henghui Zhang

Cited by: 2

Publish Year: 2020

Here is the scientific pathway of how VEGFD is related to cytokine storm.

Angiopoietin Effect on Lung Tissue

Angiopoietin has what is called a “protective” or “stimulant” effect on endothelial cells principally lung tissue cells. But what happens if the VEGFD storm produces a Angiopoietin STORM in huge numbers. This normally protective effect can become a crippling effect on lung tissue – EXACTLY WHAT WE SEE WITH COVID. This chart explains how angiopoietin effects lung tissue


The hypothesis is that EITHER covid-19 does not exist as a virus at all (exospheres exjection theory) OR it DOES. But it alone is not the pathway to disease.

The pathway to disease occurs when 5G radiation causes DNA or mRNA in the body to SHATTER. These broken pieces are then recycled and ejected from cells. The body performs an immune reaction and creates antibodies to these pieces. This is in effect an auto-immune disease which is triggering ont these broken particles NOT covid. This causes a cytokine storm which using the VEGFC and VEGFD pathways releases Angiopoietin which causes the hardening of the lungs and the “can’t breath” condition we call COVID. A virus may not be involved at all. Regeneron blocks the VEGF pathways and stops the “covid” reaction. Please mail my Nobel prize money to Pat R. Iotmouse, 20 freelane way, Houston tx.

The Failed Tests:

We have NEVER isolated covid and sequenced it. We have only isolated fragments and called that covid. We have never tested these fragments for innoculation and production of the covid syndrome in animals or humans.

They demonstrate in petri dish experiments that these fragments cause damage to cells but never in living bodies. That damage can be due to a number of factors not an actual virus. They never inject it into chimps and see the chimps develop covid. NOT EVER.

Hypothesis1: The test tests for a gene sequence which naturally occurs in humans anyways.

Hypothesis2: The test tests for a naturally occuring retrovirus which naturally occurs in some humans

What about the PICTURES? The electron micrographs of covid emerging from cells. There is an alternate hypothesis that this is ejection of shattered dna strands, the cell is cleansing itself of broken material caused by 5g.

The Danger of the Vaccine

Do we have endless proof? Enough that there should be investigations. Test the virus against Kochs postulates and you will find it does NOT TRANSMIT. Test the “test” and you will find they are WORTHLESS.

Trump authorized $30,000,000,000.00 (30 billion) dollars to vaccine companies and allowed them to BYPASS ANIMAL TESTING CONTROLS. This means that they never tested CURING of SICK only that it PREVENTS from OCURRING. But they cannot even test that as the tests are fake. So it’s all a rigged game.

No one to date has been trying to map prior vaccines to covid outbreaks. They say it’s new. What if the cure is the sickness? What happens when they push out frakenstein vaccines to the whole nation?

“Getting a flu shot still remains the best way to stay healthy during this season,” Cuomo said in a statement. “It is critical for all New Yorkers, especially older adults, young children and pregnant women, to get vaccinated as soon as possible and to take other necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus in New York.”

The danger of the vaccine is NOT that it will fry your brain and cause autism. No. the real secret of the Vaccine is that it will close the loop. All these positive tested NON covid people will get injected with covid dna strains (actually fragments of cellular gobblygook that they call covid). Then no one can EVER PROVE it was all a hoax. All a planned hysteria or mis-identification of 5G effect. So the vaccine is the ultimate coverup that the USA MURDERED tens of thousands of people by forcing them onto ventilators when they had mild conditions of the flu. THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING.

So what happened in China Then?

The Chinese were being paid by America and Fauci (see the other articles here) to do research to make viruses deadlier. They took the viral strains collected by the bat lady and grafted SARS endpoints onto them. The virus escaped the lab. Probably at the “wet market” where someone ate lunch. The original researcher was found dead. China feared the worst. So they did a massive lockdown. Meanwhile 5g and the flu hit causing people to become sick. China killed them and burned their bodies to prevent the spread. They took extreme measures. They never realized it was a 5G related illness. Unlike in America where common flu and fake tests were used to categorize people with covid, China only used the advanced opaque condition on lung tests to affirm a covid case. They found that withing a few months it all died down. So they carefully reopened. America on the other hand got swept up with fake science bureaurocrats and hysteria, fake tests whcih called nearly everone as having covid, and 60k payouts to hospitals which incentivized murder. they took relatively healthy patients, forced them to wear masks 24×7 until they got low O2% scores, then forced them on ventilators. With families kept away no one could argue for them. Vaccine companies, drug companies, and hospitals raked in tens of billions of dollars probably in exchange for the new lowered drug prices. It was a financial feeding frenzy of over a trillion dollars.

The vaccine is the last step in the coverup of Americas huge blunder. It is imperative that the covid hoax be exposed BEFORE national vaccination begins.


WUHAN, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) — The branches of Chinese major telecom operators in central China’s Hubei Province announced Thursday the launch of commercial 5G applications in the province.

Wuhan City, the capital of Hubei, is expected to have 10,000 5G base stations by the end of 2019, said Song Qizhu, head of Hubei Provincial Communication Administration.

China Telecom has established a 5G network covering airports, railway stations and other areas in the city, which will also help boost the digital and intelligent transformation of the industries with 5G technologies, said Li Hongbo, general manager of the company’s Hubei branch.

China Mobile Hubei Branch has activated 1,580 5G base stations in the city as of mid-October, achieving the 5G coverage of universities, transportation hubs and other densely populated areas, according to the branch.

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