What the F is a BIPOC?  Bipedal Ignorant Primates and Other Cunts

The lower herd negroid savages acting out along with cunty spoiled white women. Both get enormous handouts and GIBS in our society. Cunts get free jobs they don’t deserve and Primates get free college and jobs they don’t deserve. Primates often just opt for free money on disability for being born with an ape brain. low IQ means high savagery and no ethics. They think nothing of punching old grandmas in the face.

Well this week shit got serious and they attacked a PRIUS driver, pursuing him with a pickup truck and a mustang and boxing the car in before trying to drag the driver out and kill him. One BIPOC smashed in the window with his club – errr skateboard.

Police arrested the driver. Not the thugs. Time to forever leave that state.

America won’t survive the election. The Commie BIPOCS will insist they won. Because they dumped millions of fake ballots using the new laws they passed to allow that.

What happens next?

I say build a wall around california, oregon, and Washington and call it a day. New york just bomb into rubble and relcaim it after people have moved out to california.

Without the taxes from the working class, these places will descend into CHUD-villes very quickly. Eat the cunties first, their meat is more tender!