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Update: Why did Trump wait until the VERY END of his term to block the H-1B? With a total ban on H-1B it will take three years before the slags get cleaned out. And still over 2 million of them already have their green cards to the industry will be decimated for decades. It’s tragic. Trump never speaks up about the H-1B. It’s genocide against americans best and brightest – basically a COMMUNIST PURGE like MAOs great leap forward. We are sheep and do nothing. It’s very close to the point where we will have nothing left to lose and when that happens why not take up arms?


Fortune 500 companies are rushing a federal agency to extend work permits for thousands of H-1B visa workers as President Donald Trump and his deputies argue over visa curbs that would help Americans regain jobs lost in the coronavirus crash.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook asked and got “continuing approval” extensions for 611 of its H-1B visa-workers from the staff at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency.

More recently they removed all the extra requirements for an H-1B visa that had been in place for years. Most of these were to try to stop “bodyshopping” H-1B people to work for other companies.

the agency got 727 extensions requests from the Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and American Express’ travel division, plus 104 extensions requests by the Aetna and Cigna insurance companies.

Despite the political importance of anti-discrimination laws, Justice Department officials rarely enforce the popular laws against the Fortune 500 companies that hire blocs of Indian and Chinese men via the H-1B program. This refusal to enforce anti-discrimination laws sidelines many minorities, women, disabled, men, and Americans.

Tim Cook’s Apple got 647 extensions, Bill Gates’ Microsoft snagged 903 extensions, and Jeff Bezos’ Amazon got 1,245 extensions from the agency, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

This is what an IT company in the USA looks like today:

Meanwhile Trump tweets about a path to citizenship for H-1B workers, which is insane as its touted as a “non-immigrant visa” which is of course, a total lie. That was the reason that the H-1B was NOT in the recent visa restrictions – well it’s non-immigrant. The truth is over 40% go on to get green cards and citizenship WHICH SHOULD NOT EVER BE ALLOWED.

But we want these “smart people” except they are not smart they are the dumbest of dumb losers. They are being used solely as a proxy to defend all white management teams. Their computer abilities are NEAR ZERO to NEGATIVE – they create much more destruction than any benefit they offer, as far too many companies find out too late. The Grinning MBAs think they can carry on “saving money” by replacing their good engineers with these bullshit artists. Ask IBM how that worked out for them.

The H-1B is a genocide visa for American software engineers, over 5 million have been issues while there are only 4 million jobs. it’s 98% replacement of our best and brightest engineers with fake degreed fake resumed slag labor from India. And no one cares. Nope, not once in 25 years has anyone given a shit. The complete GUTTING of America is just fine. Even for Trump.

What about the BAN you ask? Most of these are ALREADY HERE. they call that being “benched” while they wait to get onto contracts and displace americans. The problem is so few americans are left to throw away many have to wait years. Also, the actual LCA petitions are awarded in March, so Trumps “until the end of the year ban” sounds good, but does…. wait for it… NOTHING!