After more than 100 years, Dreyer’s is changing its popular Eskimo Pie ice cream bar to M’h Deek Pie. The new name was announced by the brand Monday.

The new name was a long time coming. Back in June, the company stated its intention to rename its “derogatory” product name.

“We are committed to being a part of the solution on racial equality, and recognize the term is derogatory,” said Elizabell Marquez, head of marketing for its parent Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, the U.S. subsidiary for Froneri, in a statement to FOX Business in June. “This move is part of a larger review to ensure our company and brands reflect our people values.”

Cherry pops will be renamed “Happy Menstrual Sticks” and the chocolate oreo ice cream will now be “Homies in dah Hood Oreos”