OK first it starts out with this commie lineup of commentators to show us how far FOX has fallen. Donna Brazil, Chris Wallace? and Brit Hume. I started to vomit almost immediately but not as much as when Kamala first spoke then the chunks really started to fly.

The woman has this nasaly tone thats unbelievable it just reeks some kind of affected nutter. She’s got those black soul-less eyes, like a dolls eyes.

“I’ve spent my campaign fighting for botox” err wait that can’t be right. what did she say?

Once I got the vomit corn out of my nose now it was zombie Pence’s turn and his monotone makeup of all whiteface made him look like a reverse minstral show. It was horrific and I couldn’t watch more that five seconds of his answers but that was three seconds longer than I could stand Kamala.

The moderator keeps cutting him off at 1:20 when he was supposed to have two minutes. “You’ve had more time than she has” says the moderator lying.

Making things worse was the fact that biden gave the whole debate with a fly on his head. I shit you not. I hate both these people with a passion. Both of them are horrible people incapable of speaking or thinking. Which makes me hate my country that THIS is the best it can offer. Vice presidents have always been the horrible shield that keeps our president alive.

Dear god, Kamala is speaking through her nose again, the NASAL the NASAL I can’t even hear what she is talking about and it’s going on and on and on and on and


<sound of a gun shot>

OK, err reporting from heaven. Hey theres no debates here and lots of hot chicks. and they are stripping off their clothes and have firm round boobies and shaved bush. What? You want me to go with you? Oh hell yah. We’re descending through some clouds to the orgy site. Wait that wasn’t heaven, it was just limbo, cause all horrific debates get stuck in limbo and never go anywhere? Well where are we now. Oh HELL YAH fire pits, sluts, bad girls. Little horns and tails and fangs spout out. But they still have great boobs? I’m home biatches, screw that horse shit show.