A white supremacist believes that europanic peoples are superior. a white nationalist believes that europanic peoples should have a home nation just as japanese have japan, chinese have china, koreans have korea, etc.

In some sense I am a white supremacist. Generally, white people are superior. Cognitive-ly, in terms of being inventors and explorers and visionaries, and in terms of forming cohesive communities.

But I also admit our own race has its fair mix of clunkers (look at white antifa)

Many of the issues that REQUIRE us to think of white supremacism or white nationalism are the horrible fatal mistakes of government. Like allowing a flood of non-white invaders and giving them welfare free education free health care and emergency room visits, and the dark side of court costs and jail costs. If our governments werent so terrible we would never have to confront these issues.

But we see our nation dying. The cost and strain that non-whites GENERALLY place on the nation have destroyed the welfare and retirement safety nets for all of us. And now they literally are burning down our cities, burning our trees and destroying our crops. Jesus is it wrong to wake up to that reality?

Worse they are raping and killing our people. Is it wrong to protest that? Does that make me a bad person? The communists say YES HOW DARE YOU ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL. We reject that. Their path leads to death and rape and utter destruction of our people. they are willing to do that to seize power. That’s the only reason.

Are there great non-white people. On an individual basis there often are. So there isn’t some huge racial hate that pervades us, it’s more a self defense, we simply dont want our nation and people to die. I ask again if that is so evil? I don’t think that has a shred of evil intent in it. None at all.

Nor is the focus on the EXTERMINATION of other races. As they lied and said Hitler did with the jews (he did no such thing)

We publish a lot of articles on hitler and WWII because the lies people have been told has led to them accepting destructive jews and immigrants because “jews were blocked trying to flee Germany”. The fake holocaust and the false stories of what really went on with Hitler and the Jews needs to become truth. Instead it is all highly censored and EVEN ILLEGAL to discuss in europe. So becuase that false narrative is so protected our nation has to DIE? To hell with that!

If being proudly against the genocide of your race and nation is being “white supremacist” then I’ll be that gladly. It’s sad that Trump cannot declare the truth in this jewish banker commie run nation that is parasitically sucking our last dregs dry from over taxation. Its a fight we won’t win. Our nation is dying and soon to be dead. It’s sad.