For the second presidential debate, Trump argued with a bitchy harpy and Biden gangaddled with a bald black women.

the joker? Guthrie was a major bitch in how she attacked the president

This Savannah Guthrie bitch was a total attack dog. It was shocking. Where have I seen that face before? Oh yah…

“Do you disavow white supremacy”

“Yes, I disavow white supremacy”

“Because you never answer the question do you disavow white supremacy”

“I disavow white supremacy”

“Yes but do you disavow white supremacy”

White supremacy means not wanting to be ass porked by Quintavious in your once white nation after you’ve been taxed to death to pay for negro breeding. So to make SURE no one ever dares stand up to the utter DESTRUCTION of our nation and rape of our people, they repeat this ENDLESSLY. That’s what this question is all about.

The Joe Biden debate was just the opposite. No matter how completely nutters Biden answered a super easy question they always acted like he was a genius.

I have my own questions.

Why is this woman bald. Is this a trend? Should I be bald? Why does she look so unhappy? Why does Joe look so happy?

Joe went on … “take away the fertilizer and make money doing it, best part of the world is the amazon they don’t frack there, so we have to use our imagination providing for electric vehicles”

I don’t know what that means but he’s got my vote and I’ll be a cue ball when I go to the polls!

“It’s unconsitutional to nominate a new justice before the election” said Biden. That’s a unique interpretation I like that moscha.

Biden continues to say he will give an answer on court packing once someone explains to him what that means.

“We have Japan and south korea at odds with each other”

South Korea?

I sure hope he knows north from south when he launches a ICBM at em!

“They have more people there now than when I left afghanistan”

Uhm What?

“This president embraces all the thugs in the world” said Biden.

Except Biden gave Iran 32 Billion 1.5 of which was CASH. hmmm.

Go JOE 30330 GO!