The Minneapolis City Council Reflects the Majority Negroid City

This summer three major American cities — Boston, Philadelphia and San Francisco — also launched pilot truth and reconciliation programs to address racism in the criminal justice system. Now Minneapolis joins them.

In her proposal, Jenkins lists the numerous historical wrongs committed both in Minneapolis and the state: colonization, slavery, the execution of 38 Dakota men in Mankato, the annexation of Dakota land to build Minneapolis, redlining, mass incarceration, relocation and termination, the destruction of Black neighborhoods for freeways, and enduring systemic racism in schools, business and government.

Minneapolis City Council Chair Jenkins is a Black Man who wears Hair extensions and calls themselves “transgender” I think that means TRANSVESTITE who will keep their cock. No self respecting transsexual wears fake hair.

These have contributed to Minneapolis having among the widest racial disparities in the country in terms of income, home ownership, incarceration, homelessness, education and health outcomes. For example, the median income for white households is $68,000 and just $30,000 for Black households.

Of course this is a flat lie. Blacks do poorly because they are dumb violent and lazy, of poor moral character, and have children out of wedlock, NOT because of things that happened 200 years ago. No matter says Jenkines “Is Whitey’ FAULT!”

First of all to argue that the colonization of America, our very founding, is Systemic Racism is such a level of nutty ness that it makes one wonder how deeply psychotic Jenkins is.

I don’t dislike Jenkins because he/it/they are transgender, I dislike them because they are racist and stupid blaming whitey for all their problems

They always blame being enslaved 200 years ago as a reason why they suffer. Wait a minute, my european people were enslaved – five times as many – and yet you won’t ever hear anyone claim that is keeping them down.

It’s all a smokescreen and a cover for their utter inabilities, lack of morality, hyper agression and general disfunctional nature that is genetic. Even with 50% white genes in them they are still not much more than the apes that were first taken from africa. Sadly we have given them just enough of a glimmer of the spark of intelligence that the white man has, yet they realize not how much they are still missing. Like bratty children to college professors, they just throw tantrums not understanding anything.

The proposal directs staff to present a report on its findings to the council in January, but the entire process will take years. One of the goals of the proposal is to eventually create a truth and reconciliation commission.