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A Secret Ingredient in Premium Ice Cream Youll Want To Avoid

There is something lurking in fancy four dollar a pint ice cream that will shock you. It started with Ben and jerries. Out of my fav coffee heath bar crunch I tried the only other coffee ice cream they offered coffee coffee buzz buzz.

When i got home immediately I knew something wasn’t right. It was gooey. I looked and there on the label. Corn syrup.

Now corn syrup is a cheapo ingredient and we were paying a huge premium for the top quality. Did bn and jerries think no one would notice?

It happened again with hagen daz. I tried the raspberry sorbet. The taste and texture seemed off. Again… it had corn syrup.

First they screw us by charging four bucks for the better crap then they cheat us by feeding us the same old crap at a huge price.

I threw my tubs of high priced corn syrup slop down the disposal where it belongs

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