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Welcome to the Giavelli Report!

Sarah Giavelli is a long time journalist from Seattle Washington, land of big trees and mountains. Sarah lives there with her husband and three children and one dog named Max.

Welcome Everyone. I hope you like this site and all the articles. This year I will be focused on the Republican primary and the 2012 presidential election. But I also cover topics other’s do not like the H-1B software engineer genocide, the insane trade policy with china, the dollar collapse, welfare abuse, the TSA and the gulag prison state, approaches to welfare reform, rampant Black violence in our cities, and Immigration both legal and illegal. There are also articles on economic theory (see this) and how we can rethink our cities (see this).

I hope it’s a broad mix and I do read all your comments so if you have story suggestions or feedback feel free to write one, or email me.

Unlike other sites which simply aggregate news, our site is all original articles. If you’d like to contribute an article or news/video tip simply email it to and let us know if you’d like your name to appear.

Don’t forget to check the Picture of the Week and Video of the Week for past media posts.

So stay tuned, there’s a lot of exciting things happening on the Sarah Giavelli Report!

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