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With tens of thousands of unique visitors every month, The GiavelliReport can help you reach a wide and dedicated target audience that is tuned into alternative news and important financial and political issues. For a small fee you can purchase one of our six month or yearly campaign purchase. All advertisors are shown on every page view. Unlike other sites which advertise thousands of different adds our ads are sticky and make an impression in our clear uncluttered site design. Get maximum impact by purchasing advertising on the GiavelliReport today.

New! Place a Sponsered Ad Today! $5000.00
What is a sponsored Ad? A sponsored Ad is an article that you write that we place on the website. Or if you wish we can produce an article off of a few points list. May include three graphics 400×300.

  • payment taken
  • headline approved
  • blog post written
  • changes made if requested by client
  • final copy approved
  • blog post scheduled
  • blog post published

send an email to : giavellireport @

Winning Demographics
The average reader is GRADUATE SCHOOL EDUCATED and a high wage earner. Also unlike mainstream media which captures mostly older people, most giavellireport readers are in the critical 25-40 age demographic. Our readers tend to be interested in health, fitness, emergency preparedness, alternative media, and financial advertising.


Our site is a premium site with few advertisers so our per advertiser rate is higher than sites which have hundreds of advertisers. A one year ad placement today will receive approximately 200,000 views in a year (the site is always growing so it’s hard to give an exact forecast).

Site Traffic Stats: Currently fluctuating between 300 and 500 page views a day, 12-20k per month

Target Space: We excel for those who offer products in the Health, Survival, Camping & Hunting,  or Financial product space

Advertising Options: (remember all advertising costs are tax deductible!)


 *** Platinum Advertiser *** :
Our Platinum Advertisers get TOP PLACEMENT and HUGE VISABILITY

12 Months: $5000

24 Months: $9000

  • a 300  (width) x 500 (height) Graphic Image banner ad in one of our three top ad spaces that appears on EVERY page
  • Ad Text with Bold Text
  • Primary Position and always visible
  • Mentions on all podcasts

Premiere Gold Advertiser:
Our Premiere Advertisers get TOP PLACEMENT (only below Platinum) and HUGE VISABILITY

6 Months: $1200 ($200/month)
12 Months: $2000 ($166/month)
24 Months: $3500 ($145/month)

  • a 300  (width) x 250 (height) Graphic Image banner ad in one of our three top ad spaces that appears on EVERY page
  • mentions on all podcasts

Standard Advertiser:
6 Months: $600 ($100/month)
12 Months: $1,020 ($85/month)

  • a 300 (width) x 150 (height) Graphic Image banner ad that appears on EVERY page

Budget Advertiser:
6 Months: $450 ($75/month)
12 Months: $720 ($60/month)

  • a 150 (width) x 150 (height) Graphic Image banner ad that appears on EVERY page

TEXT Below Image: All Premiere and Standard ads support two rows of 37 characters of text. This is optional. This text must be received with the image if you wish to have text with your image. Budget ads do not support additional text.

Audio / Radio Show Mentions: all advertisers receive mentions in audio broadcasts on youtube when they are available.

To place an ad, tell us which advertising option you would like and have your image ready. If it is larger than the size specified it will be resized by the web browser and may not look optimal. Send an email with your image and request to: giavellireport @ and an invoice link will be sent to you. All ads are live within 48 hours of payment and continue until the last day of the month of their contract term. An email reply with the dates, type, and placement of the ad will be sent to you within 48 hours. If your ad cannot be accepted, you will be contacted immediately.

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