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A Poem for 911 Ten Years Later

To the first responders who breathed the toxic dust
To the militarists who pulverized it with lust
To the dictator who thought it was just a blust
I say onto you, 9-11 was a must

We had to go to take her down
Thump and Thermite and explosive sounds
Without it what would we have done
To destroy our freedom for everyone?

Amerika had frayed, had lost its blue
Had lost its red, its golden hue
With factories leaving faster than pennies rust
All for some CEO’s bonus for destroying us

It was needed I say, the only way out
Descend into terror, forbid their shouts
Take back it all every last word
Rescind the constitution, make it unheard

Its war that we are its war we will be
How dare you remember the land of the free
How else do we stop the gigantic fall
from the land that makes nothing at all

They faked the planes they faked it right all
They lied with Dan Rather, said its a normal fall
No explosions no demolition, just a natural way
for buildings to come down from planes that day

I remember a time when Amerika had money
Houses, homes, lives that were chummy
But after this we’ve lost what we care
We have to ask if the flag is still there

A nation that murders its own people
A nation force feeding fake news to the sheeple
A nation that steal ten trillion for banks
Is not a nation I want in my ranks

(the original, written days after 9-11)
Poem for 911
Don’t shake your day with a number
in my face

don’t tell me for a second
that this isn’t anything
but an excuse

for you and your blood thirst hatred

to kill a million

Don’t tell me about that day with a number

don’t tell me what you want me to believe happened

as if I a sane person could believe it

don’t laugh about your big contracts your piles of money

your plans for stolen elections thrice

don’t tell me about your morality
don’t tell me about your god

You are the sick

the fang toothed the violent

the dark
you are not our leaders but our oppressors

don’t think that just because
your puppet media won’t speak

that we are so afraid

Don’t tell me about
that day with a number

as if a number can justif the slaughter of thousands

Don’t tell me again
about your yellow alerts

your big anthrax diversions

your attack on our sanity

Don’t tell me you launched fake wargames
Simulated hijackings
On that day
For any reason other than confusing
Our remaining interceptors

You’re supported by the confused

the opulent, the racist
the small minded, the uneducated

that you’ve created through your
halls of de-education

your no paper trail monsters

your 10 hour voting lines

but don’t think for a minute

you can shake that number in my face

and think you are not the ones bearing shame

Don’t think we don’t see right through you

to your evil
for the sickness that started this all

don’t tell me that planes

that fly so fast

can only go three hundred miles an hour

when our nation is in trouble

don’t tell me that buildings
which fall over
fall in such perfect ways

don’t tell me that carbon fiber nose-cones
survive impact

while whole planes evaporate
into dust

leaving only engines too small
and no black boxes

Don’t shake that number in my face

it is your number not mine
not mine

don’t think you can fool us

it is your shame not mine

don’t tell the people you oppress

that this is our sins

don’t tell me the blood you spilled
is on my hands

we see your eyes

we see your lies

we know your evil

and your time will come

I want you to wake up

you and all your friends

and see the face

of every soul you murdered

this constitution will not be shattered

by your evil thoughts

we will sew its shards together

and carry it in our heart

this republic will not be broken

by those who seek to steal it

this people will not be shaken

by those hiding behind god

we know your name

we’ve seen you before

and we will overcome

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