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A billion for starving africans….(make that 2 trillion) while whites stripped naked in the streets by black thugs

“So far this year, the United States has sent about $565 million in aid to Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya”

America continues piling money into starving africa. Sending our valuable topsoil over to Africa so that the negroid population soars ever higher every year while europanic americans decline. This is a receipe for destruction we are financing our own doom.

Take a look at this revealing chart. At this point, letting the Africans starve is the best thing we can hope for to change the future.

More Europanic Americans would have children and be able to afford housing if taxes were reduced. So rather than help the progeny of africans expand endlessly, its time that we focus our efforts to help the struggling starving jobless at home.

Meanwhile, whites are being stripped naked in the streets by black thugs.


In his classic book “Famine Crimes” Alex De Waal observes that NGOs make “habitual inflation of estimates of expected deaths.” De Waal notes that during the pre-Christmas prime fundraising season, ‘One million dead by Christmas’… has been heard every year since 1968 and has never been remotely close to the truth.”

In London’s Independent for January 15, Brown claimed that “ecological catastrophe is already killing 1,000 people every day”; he held out the prospect that, without government action against what used to be called global warming, “400,000 more children will die each and every year.”

Meanwhile, over about five decades, African nations have received an estimated trillion dollars in aid from developed nations, and the poverty levels have actually increased. Yet Clinton and the Obama administration nevertheless want to double U.S. foreign aid.

More billions are sent to Africa based on the AIDS hoax which defines AIDS in africa as diarea or malnutrition. Again it all comes down to money to feed endless growing families with tons of children while americans starve cant afford housing and dont feel secure to have any kids at all.

Secretary Clinton’s remarks did come in for some deserved criticism by William Easterly, a one-time advocate of government foreign-assistance programs who has seen the light. To be sure, he was not all negative. She did have, he averred, “some good ideas about soap.”

In fact, SOAP is exactly what we SHOULD be sending Africa. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and last I checked Africa was a dirty filthy mess.

We shouldn’t be giving aid to countries which openly support white genocide and commit genocide of their white farmers only to find themselves starving without food to eat.

When they take white farms and hand them over to blacks, the blacks sell off everything they can get their hands on. Even orchards which require the minimum of watering to continue to thrive end up dead and barren. Until Africans can get in their heads the concept of INVESTING in the future rather than scam, sell, and rip off everything you can at this moment, they deserve to starve. That may seem harsh to the bleading heart liberals, but it isnt the drought that is doing them in. In fact, if you look at the population charts, blacks are THRIVING.

Its time to invest in europanic americans who will invent, produce, and bring us as a society forward. Lets invest in our own children for a change.

How about a policy that your taxes are REDUCED the more children you have rather than your WELFARE is increased. WE need to start supporting the procreation of our best and brightest, not our dumb and broken people.

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