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A modest proposal to the island nations of the earth

Dear Island Nations of the world:

I am writing to you with a modest proposal. I represent a group of the brightest hardest working Americans. We have been forsaken by our corrupt government. We have been reduced to a climate of slavery. We are lost in a system of Fascism. Within four years our nation will be utterly destroyed. We believe strongly that capitalism and the bill of rights is the winning formula. But we also believe in a societal minimum – basic healthcare and housing and food. At a basic level. Instead our shores are filled with third world immigrants and minorities who plop out four babies by the time they are sixteen and get the best housing the nicest homes all for free on the section 8 program. They stuff their mouths with endless foods, buy 200 dollar nike air sneakers, and grow fat on our hard labor. We are tired of 70% of our wages going to the useless eaters and corrupt politicians. To bailout out billionaire bankers so they can lounge on yachts and laugh at us.

We are seeking a new land, a place to transform with the power of ideas. A place to make free and so technologically advanced that no nation will dare ever attack. We intend to guard our scientific breakthroughs well. We also intend to raise the bar for all citizens. Bringing in the best techniques of aquaponic farming, dome housing construction, earth sheltering, and solar powered cars and solar gas stations. To free the island of any external needs or wants. To usher in a new age of prosperity. And sadly, to watch our once great nation crumble into the dust as we abandon it.

We only demand the principles we believe in. Private property. Private wealth. Contract rights. A gold and silver backed currency. We would insist on strict immigration control and strong national defense with the most advanced weapons. We insist that government spending be kept at 15% of GDP and that taxation also be capped at 15% of income in a flat tax. We also insist that a leadership council of science and business be allowed to make the decision on who gets to join us.

In return, your land would be utterly transformed into the wealthiest on earth. And as the ruling prime minister you would live in a new level of luxury you cannot even imagine. But more importantly your people would prosper.

We would within a few years replicate to a larger island with the same deal having proved ourselves. And then a few years again make the same proposal to a nation state and allow them to join our alliance. A team from the first 1000 men would represent half the seats on a joint congress to reduce laws and make the society a free but lawful place.

The land would have the best doctors, the greatest architecture, the most amazing vehicles and planes, the most fantastic weapons. Within twenty years it would seem like a land 1000 years in the future compared to the decaying worlds around it.

Right now your economy is stalled. Your ideas are stagnant. We can offer 100 of the greatest minds immediately if you are willing to agree to our terms. If you pass up on our offer you can watch in shame as another island nation accepts our terms and prospers.

This offer expires Dec 31, 2012. It is your time to act.

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