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American Education Riggers fail Black and Hispanic Students

I was having a conversation with a neighbor. “The majority of black and hispanic children are failing out of high school in our district.” “You can’t say that” she cooly replied, “That’s racist” “No” I interjected back, its “Race Realist”

She stood aghast. “That’s RACIST!”

“What is Racism?” I asked her. “How are you defining your terms?”

“Racism is when you talk about a race!” she exclaimed.

“Indians are great people” I replied. Am I a racist? I would be by your definition.

“No No!” she stammered. “Its when you talk about a Race with Hate or evil Intentions”

“But I didn’t have any hate. I was mearly addresing a statistic. A fact”

“Well facts are ok on the group level but when you bring that to the individual level you are a racist” she replied looking triumphant.

“I never brought it up on an individual level.”

She paused. Hmm. Something “Racists have an irrational belief about a race. All Indian are left handed. It doesn’t make any sense. They simply use facts to support that belief”

“But I don’t have a belief other than the facts and statistics. There isn’t an irrational belief.”

“What if a gang of black men in hoodies was walking up to you on a empty street. Would you be frightened?”

“Yes I would. I know statistically I have a very high likelyhood of being assaulted compared to a group of church going norwegan grandmothers.”

“But you don’t know that THOSE specific people are the criminals. So you have to give them the benifit of the doubt. They could be our greatest scientists.”

“So you’re saying racists use patterns and statistics in making judgements which they then apply to individuals. And in all other cases its correct except when dealing with race.”

“Yes” she replied looking triumphant.

“But I never spoke about an individual. I’m simply talking about population groups. Trends and statistics. I didn’t point out any one person. If you use science to make intelligent observations about Race like saying “different races have different genes” you are uttering a fact. That can’t be wrong?”

She looked puzzled. “No you don’t get it. You aren’t allowed to talk about race at all! America is a melting pot. If you mention race people get angry and its divisive”

“How can we find out what the problem is with all the black and hispanic children dropping out of high school and ending up jobless or criminals or on welfare if we don’t discuss race? How can we ever help them?”

“We can only help them if we do it and NOT talk about race”

And therein is the rub. And this is exactly the predicament which has led to the crisis in America.

People who call others Racists who are engaging in an intelligent science based disccussion are “Riggers” for lack of a better term. And what we should really be calling these that are trying to have an intelligent fact based disccusion “Race Aware” not “Racist”.

Let’s start over. She stood aghast. “That’s RACIST!” “You Madam, are a horric RIGGER! I am simply being Race Aware and I tire of your RIGGARDLY ways and if you continue I would ask that you leave the room.”

Wittgensteins rules of language play expresses that when a word has lost sufficient specificity the people engaged in language need to create a new word. And “racist” has been hijacked by the left wing confomist robots. Its time to end their control of the word. And its time to help Black and Hispanic students in our education system.

The most important thing our education districts can do to right these horrific wrongs is to begin evaluating and testing kids at eighth grade. No I don’t mean the standardized tests. I mean oral interviews by panels. No not panels of dopey teachers. These need to be wise people. And review their records and tests. And repeat it again at 10th grade. Actually take some time with each child. Review them for learning ability. Retention. Application of analysis. Creativity. Ability to Focus. Interest in working with their hands. Music. Leadership. And then sort them. We have currently a three tier system. the top 10% alphas – those destined to be inventors, executives, writers – receive an education which directs them to the top tier elite schools where they learn to THINK if we are lucky. And they learn to be leaders.
The 11-30% Betas – the people destined for HR jobs, Medical Administration, Nursing, and MBA pencil pushers and Accountants – These receive an education suitable for the rigors of a basic vocation oriented college. In the current system the Gammas 31%-80% or the vast majority of americans and the Deltas 81% to last, receive the SAME high school education as the BETAS and we wonder why they get bored and drop out?

The first thing we have to explain is that its OK to be different. I don’t expect my musicians to explain to me particle physics. I don’t expect my car mechanic to be able to make my hair look nice. Everyone has a productive place in society. Lacking a path provided, these rejects turn to hustling, drugs, and crime for careers. And thats our fault not theirs. In Germany they have a very strong vocational second tier system for the non college bound. In truth in America construction, electricians, plumbers all make good wages and after moving up in the ranks earn as much as our doctors and engineers. But its a vastly differnt skill set. There also needs to be more training at the high school level on entrepreneurship, building a business, and how to get started. Basic accounting should be mandatory for just about everyone. And finally the Deltas – the incorrigable violent hopeless. They should be instructed in simpler careers and allowed to leave high school early. They can always come back if they wish.

My neighbor screams at me. “Thats horrible. America is an egalitarian society! That’s not the American Dream”

“No” I reply. “Egalitarianism means everyone gets the same chance, the same shot. And the truth is, no society is that fair even if that were completely true. The rich will always have a huge advantage. But if we are going to start actually HELPING our dysgenic poor and dropouts we need to begin turning things around. We can do that in a few ways”

“What do you have in mind?” she looked on puzzled.

“Well first, no more degrees in education. You should know SOMETHING if you are going to attend college and if you are going to teach. There should be a rule that you have to have worked a minum of five years in your industry to teach it in high school and 10 years to teach it in college. Get rid of professors who have never been in the real world. Everything would immediately get a shot of real world experience and feel much better.”

“But But what would the education majors do then?”

“Get to the vocational programs with the rest of the Deltas” I chuckle.

Still theres much more that needs to happen. In an egalitarian society we need to be handing out one consistent aid check to all citizens who earn under a certain threshold. Maybe that threshold is 40,000 a year. Maybe it’s phased out at 60,000 a year. But it doesn’t change if you opt for more children. And you don’t get free housing. If you pursue the dysgenic policy of screwing like a bunny at 14 and popping our 4 children at 18 you have a life of squalor and difficulty ahead of you. In the end society will self select for the better life. But instead, we take our best and brightest and force them through grueling education where children is just impossible and then grueling jobs. By the time they wakup and take their first breath of air (often when they get their first layoff) its almost too late to conceive even one child. Somehow this has to change as well. The most gifted students should receive additional financial stipends to have children BEFORE going to university if they wish. Or perhaps it occurs just after graduation from college. Another thing which would help is to adopt the European system where college is just 3 years and a masters is typically one. Most of our engineers go through difficult five year programs just for their first degrees while in Europe its considered a masters degree.

And the final most critical step is stopping the importing of third worlders into our welfare systems. There should be a rule that if you come from abroad neither you nor your children qualify for any assistance. For children stuck here the government should provide a way to return them back home free of cost.

We have a government up to no good which wants the most dumbed down society then laughs as it collapses. They want a society where the 1% rules and the dropouts run wild in the streets with violent race attacks. And for the downtrodden black and hispanic dropouts who their whole lives have been promised the upper class dream and dont receive them, and neither is their great basketball or rapping rewarded with millions as they show them on TV, we end up with a mass of outraged people who think its all due to racism. It isn’t racism by whites its evil by the ruling classes that has ruined their lives. By failing to recognize their dysgenic limitations and provide them with a course for success and happyness we are left with a doom society facing defaults bankruptcy millions in prison a drug war costing trillions and an electorate that thinks Santorum or Romney will actually help us. Lord save us all.

There is a foundational principal of egalitarianism that must be understood. The American principal states that everyone should have equal opportunity not equal outcome. this is something the black and hispanic races never seem to comprehend. Take the recent case of the succesful lawsuit by rejected black and hispanic firefighters. They flunked the written test. A test already dumbed down so that anyone with a brain should pass. They were awarded hundreds of millions of dollars AND back pay for a job they never got because they were too dumb. Can I do the same? Can I petition for all the CEO of Hedge Fund jobs that I never got that pay 4 billion a year and demand back pay. No? Why not. what’s the difference. I don’t have those skills just like these blacks and hispanics have no business being firemen. Title VII of the civil rights act promises no such equal outcome it only bans discrimination. It doesnt prohibit not hiring because applicants are stupid.

We must re-instate the PROPER notion of egalitarianism. Every person does not get to be in the NBA. What happens if every white person sued because they weren’t allowed in the NBA? Clearly the warped premis of egalitarianism that we should have equal outcomes (at least to mirroring our percentage population in society) in the warped mind should apply as much to bad shot whities as it does to illiterate black firemen. If not, why not?

The Solution: 

For now we must sort and separate our children. In different physical buildings. Each requires a different kind of classroom, different course work, and different levels of security.

The Deltas  0-65 score:  Metal detectors and Fat Security Guards. Police on Staff.  Education ends at 10th grade. They have the option to then transfer to a paid vocational training program like welding if they wish. Most are welfare children without any motivation. School is just a holding pen for criminal children who are violent and unteachable

The Gammas 66-79 score:  The dumbed down children. The Dysgenic gene pool. They need a basic education but also much more training on basic life skills like managing money, finding housing, and need training for simple jobs like secretaries and food prep.  Jocks and dumb athletes abound so physical sports should be emphasized.

The Betas 80-92 score: What America used to be, these will be the average college students and get degrees in sociology, african studies, and basket weaving, but still find medium rung business work as sales people or marketing droids. The education is a standard college prep one.

The Alphas 93-100 score: The bright kids that work hard and will go to top colleges, become inventors. They need science course work, advanced literature, music, and study of great men like Turing and Boole and Faraday. These are the future inventors, entrepreneurs, and C level people. They need educators with real work history and real ability to inspire with real life stories.

Physical separation is a MUST.  The Thug-Life environment is no place for the Alphas, it’s hardly a place for the betas.  While this system isn’t ideal, until we reverse our dysgenic births we are stuck with a 70% throw away society.

Some inspirational thoughts on Flipping your classroom…

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