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Another H-1B Visa Fraudster Busted

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, announced the sentencing of a defendant convicted of visa fraud and money laundering in connection with the procurement of H-1b Visas and Green Cards for ineligible or unqualified Indian nationals
(as if there is any other kind).
According to United States Attorney Peter J. Smith, Dynanoba “Ken” Kendre, 43, of Mechanicsburg, was sentenced yesterday to 21 months’ imprisonment and ordered to pay $100,112 in restitution following his guilty plea to visa fraud and money laundering charges. The sentence was imposed by Senior United States District Judge Sylvia H. Rambo in Harrisburg, Smith said.

The charges to which Kendre pleaded guilty stemmed from an investigation conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Inspector General; the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation; the Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations; and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Fraud Detection and National Security.

The investigation revealed that Kendre, owner of Global Empire, d/b/a Global Healthcare Group and Fortune 500 Systems, defrauded the H1-b, Temporary Foreign Worker Visa Program, as well as the Permanent Labor Certification Program, by submitting Labor Condition Applications containing false and misleading information. Kendre accepted cash payments from foreign workers, who were not employed, in order to produce false payroll checks and W-2 wage and tax statements indicating the foreign worker was so employed. The fake payroll checks and W-2 wage and tax statements were submitted in support of H1-b Visa renewals or for adjustments of alien status by way of the Permanent Labor Certification Program. Foreign workers also paid Kendre a $5,000.00 “Annual Maintenance Fee” for keeping a Visa active with the company as well as a 25% fee for each payroll check processed by the company.

However, with over six million H-1Bs already here, the majority from India and many already converted to green cards, the plight of the destruction of the million software jobs that exist in
America looms large for American software engineers. We effectively have SIX Indians for every engineering job in the country already here. Many get by washing dishes while waiting it out hoping to get a contract. This is called “benching” by the industry, where thousands of Indians arrive here for a job and have to pay huge bribes to do so, falsify their education and work credentials (a 2 week training course in uncle Al’s shed is now a bachelors degree, people who have never worked now have 8 yrs experience), and after all that find out theres nothing waiting for them in America except poverty. The dreams of making a quick cheap buck is ending, albeit slowly, with the Justice department finally cracking down.

If you have Indian engineers working on contract at your company from a bodyshopping agency, report them to the Department of Labor. The practice is now clearly illegal.

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