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Blacks often a product of rape

One of the striking thing about black versus Europanic women is the difference in beauty. One new study indicates that this may in fact be the result of the huge rape or meaningless hookup culture that is present in African men. In fact, all brown skinned cultures have huge tendencies towards rape including Indians, Mexicans, and Arabs and this is borne out by DOJ statistics. Every year 37,000 Europanic women in America are raped by blacks, while zero black women are raped by Europanic Americans. That’s an outrageous number. There’s a reason that women have to walk around in full body sacks in arabia they are in a sea of rapists and they blame the woman! This endless raping has produced a group of people who are not the best are not the evolved of that culture. In fact, its dysgenic, the rapes rewarding the violent worst people with offspring. Welfare magnifies this trend and makes it far far worse where the dumbest fornicators produce the most offspring. Sterilization as a prerequisite for long term welfare is one idea but simply eliminating preferences for housing and stopping increasing handouts for more children would stop the trend of black teens popping out four welfare babies by the time they are 18. Over tens of thousands of years this culture or rape and hookups not marriage and picking the best mates through tedious and careful selection has resulted in a class of women who are not beautiful by western standards. But it isn’t just skin deep the dysgenic differences include tendencies towards rape, violence, aggression to learning, lack of self control, lack of ability to think abstractly, and low IQ.

Science also chimes in stating that whites have a higher angle of erection indicating the preferance for front to front pairing, something that requires careful mate choice and consideration, while blacks have near horizontal erectile angles indicating rear to front pairing, making anonymous sex their evolutionary preference.

“(Newser) – Decades of violence have left South Africans numb to even the most gruesome acts of rape, NPR reports. Tens of thousands of women are raped each year, nearly half of them under 18, but many cases go unreported by victims. Cops and doctors, whose work is “horrendous,” aren’t much help either, said activist Romi Sigsworth: “It’s definitely an attitude problem.”

Slow police work often helps perpetrators escape conviction, while doctors commonly describe a victim’s condition as “alleged rape”—”not a medical conclusion,” said Sigsworth. Most victims end up withdrawing cases, while about half make it to trial, and only 6% end in convictions. “The very strong patriarchal culture that is very much entrenched in South Africa” may play a role, Sigsworth said.”

In the end, this same effect may be why welfare blacks seem such a sad stock worse than middle class hard working blacks or even black immigrants. In truth these welfare black children are often not carefully planned or chosen by their mates. Abortions by blacks account for 90% of all abortions in this country and that’s a good thing. But still most children are not product of careful mate selection. So the welfare class dysgencicates, getting stupider and more violent, and uglier.

In Oslo in 2010, ALL rapes were products of blacks and arab immigrants. Not one was attributed to western men.

All rapes by blacks and arabs in Oslo

Watch this disturbing video of black women in England describing how black men don’t want relationships they want “links” aka free unrestricted sex and rape.

Black men want free sex not relationships

“It isn’t gang rape because we don’t throw the girls about”, says one black man.

Meanwhile at the same time, Europanic Americans face the same threat through brainwashed and stupid women who are TV raised and illiterate. They date the dumbest of jocks, low class, and generally will hump anything while at the same time rejecting the engineers, scientists, and true brain trust of the nation. Some will even date blacks. Their brains are so limited they are easily reprogrammed. We have to take care not to let this black dysgenic trend take over our gullible Europanic women. Within just a few generations this can reduce IQ levels substantially.

2 thoughts on “Blacks often a product of rape

  1. blacks are brutal savages they rape up to third of them belive its alrght to rape and a 40 per cent of south african women are raped i am brainwashed by society to think racialism is bad but i became one after reading about rape and south africa brutal savages thats what they are

  2. It’s true most blacks are pretty ugly god has to wonder who is sleeping with such ugly women. It’s other rape or a lot of drunken sex !

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