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Day of Remembrance for Dead Software Engineers DORDSE – Feb 18th

This February 18th is the national day of remembrance for software engineers who have resorted to KILLING THEMSELVES from the cruel and vicious policies of the US Government.

On this day Stack, after years of dispossession and poverty fighting the incredible IRS rules which prevented him from going into business for himself, and failing to be able to provide for his family, drove his plane into a IRS building.

Similarly Kevin Flannagan drove his car into the Bank of America parking lot after being replaced by Indians who were dumb but worked for pennies on the dollar. He blew his brains out.

Since 1995 America has imported  4.1 million H-1B visa holders, mostly Indians and Chinese, for the 4.5 million software jobs. American software engineers face a market of 80% unemployment with countless millions of scab workers with fake degrees willing to work for pennies on the dollar from other countries. The visa requires a 4 year degree but many simply have 2 week certificates and trumped up resumes. Six thousand unaccredited universities which were more like rooms above the curry den sprung up around Bombay to meet the demand.

Around the same time the IRS published their ONLY RULE against a profession stating that software engineers have NO RIGHT to work for themselves.

Please spread the word on this GENOCIDE of the American software engineer far and wide. NO COUNTRY WHICH MURDERS ITS BEST AND BRIGHTEST can survive. Our economic collapse is a direct symptom of these policies.

[see updated article for 2012 – USA Imports 4 Millionth Worker from India ]

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