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Newt Gingrich and Welfare Reform – Lawd Help me I’ve got 15 babies and 5 daddies and no free house!

The scary story of a welfare mom who didn’t pay her section 8 housing contribution, got tossed out of her apartment and is living in a motel with her 12 kids.

But what doesn’t add up is how is any of this possible with welfare reform? Welfare reform states that one has to work after two years and that aid is limited to five years maximum. Newt Gingrich passed it swearing that situations like this could no longer exist.

The truth is.. they just give waivers in cases like this. The woman gets free housing and free money. Try doing that as a white veteran down on their luck wounded and with post traumatic stress disorder – NOPE its the streets for you! But Angela gets not only a waiver, but a whole county up in arms to find her a house. disgusting.

In this video the ugly face of dependency rears its head as a woman demands people provide for her six children. I couldn’t afford to have kids after a lifetime of 80 hour work weeks. Somehow my heart doesn’t bleed for her.

5 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich and Welfare Reform – Lawd Help me I’ve got 15 babies and 5 daddies and no free house!

  1. Exactly, why is that okay? Female veterans face the worst of that especially if they are unmarried without dependents.Fair play only. People here think that they are entitled to have handouts. A hand up can help out until things are stabilized, but that is abuse. This country is so quick to give bailouts to those who will not stand up and take responsibility, be responsible, or be proactive. Rewarding bad behavior in that fashion makes no logical sense.

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